Things were "more than a little weird" on the Bachelorette set, Harrison told Yahoo! TV
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With 25 suitors choosing between Kaitlyn Bristowe and Britt Nilsson, there’s no doubt that the proceedings will be more than a little awkward – especially given the fact that after the first rose ceremony, one of the ladies will have to pack their bags and head back home.

However, Bachelorette host Chris Harrison says that the premiere won’t be awkward for the reasons you think. “It ended up being more awkward for the guys,” Harrison, 43, told Yahoo! TV. “They got out of the limos and there were two women they had to get to know and impress. Guys are bad at these introductions anyway.

“They have very little game and it’s hard enough to come up with something that isn’t too cheesy and that makes a good first impression.”

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Having met the Bachelorette contestants through their official cast bios, we’re certainly willing to believe that the guys – one of whom is an “amateur sex coach” – will be making it weird.

As for the dynamic between the two Bachelorettes – a situation which Bristowe, 29, has admitted is "not ideal" – Harrison says that “they were incredibly empowered” despite his “hypothesis” that “they would come out swinging.”

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Added Harrison: “They laughed at the same jokes, talked about how hot the guys were and judged the arrivals.”

On the suitors, Harrison also noted that they won’t just be awkward – they were also “very aggressive” on the first night. “You could never put this many type-A dudes with that much testosterone running through their veins in the same room competing for the same woman without guys rubbing each other the wrong way. It was the closest we’ve come to a full-on throwdown in the history of the series.

“It’s mostly a good group,” Harrison assured Yahoo TV!, “but there are always a few rotten apples.”