'Bachelorette' 's 'The Men Tell All' Special: What You Didn't See

Ashley faces the men she sent home as they sound off on dating, getting dumped and drinking too much

Photo: Craig Sjodin/ABC

It wasn’t just bad guy Bentley that you didn’t see at The Bachelorette‘s The Men Tell All reunion special on Sunday night. When Ashley Hebert came face to face with the suitors she sent packing, a few members of the Bachelor Pad 2 cast and Bachelor franchise veterans in Hollywood, there were smiles, sobs and swearing. Here’s what you didn’t see on TV:

William Holman, 30, hasn’t had any luck finding a girlfriend. “Most people say, ‘You’re William from The Bachelorette, right? Do you have Blake’s number?’ ” he said. “It’s either Blake or Mickey.” Yet William told PEOPLE that he only regrets one thing about his experience and it isn’t throwing Ben C. under the bus, breaking man code or roasting Ashley. “If I did it all over again, the only thing I would change is calling myself a 30-year-old boy,” he said. “I meant young at heart not afraid to grow up or commit. I am not a man-child running around in a Peter Pan costume.”

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• Ben Castoriano, 28, did not rejoin Jdate.com, the site William told Ashley he was eager to get back to, post-show. He was thrilled to have a chance to explain what was really said (Apparently, online dating was mentioned in a serious conversation with J.P.) to Ashley and America and to confront William about his “supper with Judas.” “I wanted to leave with closure and I feel good about [The Men Tell All],” he said. “I don’t hold a grudge against William. It was more an immature thing to do than something that indicates that he is a bad person.”

Tim McCormack, 35, stole the show with his New York accent and self-deprecating jabs about his blackout behavior on the first night. He knew he would hear some jokes about his behavior, which he reassured was not characteristic, but decided to face the music – unlike Bentley. “I’m the type of person who likes to look things head on. But maybe if I was [Bentley] and had done what he did, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere nears [Men Tell All],” he said. He was thrilled when Ashley ran over to give him a hug and introduce herself.

• When Ames Brown, 31, came up to the hot seat, it was obvious he had fans who applauded at length. But one woman took it a step farther, screaming, “Take it off!”

Bachelor Bad 2 star Michelle Money, who appeared on Brad Womack’s season of The Bachelor, didn’t discuss rumors that neither Bentley nor his business is doing well. But she did admit that she was “afraid he would slash my tire” for warning Ashley about him in a text message.

• As Ali Fedotowsky recounted her “normal girl” insecurities and assured Ashley that “you just have to find one,” Casey, a suitor from her season, blurted out, “I just thought of another song.”

• Former Bachelor Jason Mesnick may not have gotten as big a round of applause as Ames did, but his fans didn’t let him return to Seattle feeling underappreciated. When he exited the building post-taping, audience members were waiting in line to be shuttled back to the parking lot. The second they noticed him, clapping broke out as well as shouts of “Congrats,” “Way to go,” “Good job in there” and “Say hi to Molly for us. She’s pretty.”

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