The happily engaged couple stopped by Good Morning America on Tuesday

By Aurelie Corinthios
Updated July 28, 2015 11:30 AM
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Though he made a fairly poised exit on the season finale Monday night, The Bachelorette runner-up Nick Viall did let his composure slip a little.

During his limo ride after he all but proposed to Kaitlyn Bristowe – and got rejected – Viall, 34, called himself the “world’s biggest joke,” and, staying true to the show’s dramatic nature, took off a ring he and Bristowe had gotten together in Ireland and tossed it across the car.

The ring was a Claddagh ring, an Irish accessory worn as a token of love, loyalty and friendship (also a reminder of the night they had sex), and Viall had been wearing it since the two got matching ones together.

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Bristowe and her final pick and fiancé, Shawn Booth, stopped by Good Morning America on Tuesday morning, and when asked what they thought of the ring toss, they both agreed it was “funny.”

“I thought it was kind of funny,” said Bristowe, 30, with a laugh.

“I thought it was funny – a weak toss, but that was expected,” said Booth, 29. “I would have gone overhand, he would go underhand.”

As for the engaged couple, they were brimming with joy at the fact that they are finally able to go public with their romance.

“Obviously you go through the show and I think they try and confuse you.” said Bristowe of the experience. “But the whole time I just kept being like, nope, still thinking about Shawn!”

“Right now we’re just so excited to finally be able to hang out and do things in public,” Booth said. “But more importantly we just want to spend some time with friends and family first. We’re going to do that for the next month. Go to my hometown, go to her hometown and kind of relax, and then start figuring out the long-term plans.”

Bristowe and Booth plan on checking out their hometowns, Vancouver and Nashville, respectively, before deciding which one they want to settle down in.

“Either one, I’m not going to be upset with!” Bristowe said.

When it comes to wedding plans, the couple said they’re excited to be engaged and there’s “no rush.”

“We’re not shy on social media, so you’ll know!” Bristowe promised.

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