Harris got engaged to Justin Pasutto on Dec. 25, 2016

Jillian Harris was in “total shock and disbelief” when her fiancé popped the question.

This past December, the former Bachelorette star got engaged on Christmas morning to Justin Pasutto, and she’s now opening up about the “perfect” proposal that had her “crying, swearing” and “laughing” in a sweet, new blog post: “Our Engagement Story: Through My Eyes.”

“This is another one of those situations (just like Leo’s birth!) that actually wasn’t meant for the TV!” Harris, 37, began about the fairytale morning.

“I’ve seriously ALWAYS wanted to get engaged on Christmas morning and Justin always thought it was cheesy so the fact that he thought it was a silly idea I thought for SURE it wasn’t going to happen. … Even though I knew Justin thought it was cheesy it didn’t stop me from pressuring him every single Christmas to do it!!” she continued.

Harris, who starred on season 5 of The Bachelorette, detailed that Pasutto’s “original plan was to do it later that morning but I think he started getting nervous so he had the urge to do it RIGHT AWAY.”

“The night before I had been sent some macaroons to the room and I wanted to take a photo of them the next morning so I left them on the table over night. Justin’s plan was that he would put the ring box in the macaroon box and then get me to open it up! Pretty easy task, right? Wrong. LOL!!” she continued.

After two failed attempts to get Harris to open the box of macaroons, she finally got out of bed when he asked for a third time. “I finally crawled my ass out of bed and grabbed the box … I mean it’s Christmas morning and all, if he wants me to get him a macaroon, I’ll get him a damn macaroon,” wrote Harris.

“So here I am …. sitting in my underwear on the couch and I open up the macaroon box to find a jewelry box … And then I opened the box … I just remember staring at the ring and being so confused and thinking it was a joke or that I was being punked … and then it hit me … HOLY S— … THIS IS HAPPENING. NOW. ON CHRISTMAS MORNING!!! HOLY F—!!!!! HE DID IT!!!! OMG OMG OMG … GET THE BABY, I’M NOT DRESSED, I LOOK LIKE A DISASTER, OMG HE IS PROPOSING, SAY YES SAY YES … WHERE’S THE BABY! LOL ….” she wrote about the proposal, which took her by surprise.

The bride-to-be also gave a shout-out to Pasutto’s success in proposing with a rock that she loves.

“The ring is EXACTLY what I wanted … it’s simple and classic with a moderate size diamond, I didn’t want anything too big and flashy!” she wrote. “This was about the time I fully lost it … I was crying, swearing, laughing … I was in total shock and disbelief and I was so freaking HAPPY. I honestly couldn’t believe that I had a ring on my finger that morning … I felt so ridiculously grateful for that whole year between purchasing our new home, having Leo and then THIS! OMG!!!”

To document the milestone moment, Pasutto set up a camera that captured it on tape. And when she relived the early morning surprise by playing back the footage, Harris said “the tears started welling up in my eyes all over again.”

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Though the ABC alum admittedly expected Pasutto to get down on one knee in their home, the proposal was perfect for the Love It Or List It, Too host, who shares son Leo — born in August — with her fiancé.

“It was everything I dreamed of but nothing I had expected,” she wrote, and added, “It was perfect.”

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