Bachelorette Hannah Brown Isn't Afraid to Get Physical: 'I Am Sexually Attracted to These Men'

"If I want to make out with them, I'm going to make out with them," Hannah Brown says

Bachelorette Hannah Brown may be a devoted Christian, but this pageant queen is not abiding by anyone else’s rules when it comes to her sexuality.

In the season’s trailer, Brown announced, “I have had sex. And Jesus still loves me,” and she spoke to PEOPLE about this topic on Monday night at The Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami.

“My faith is really important, and some people question that, but like I said, I don’t hold anything back, and part of a relationship is being sexually attracted to somebody,” Brown said an event for ABC’s new show, Grand Hotel. “I am sexually attracted to these men, and I’m not going to hold back on that. The time that I have with them is the time on camera, so if I want to make out with them, I’m going to make out with them. I don’t feel like I should have to defend that because I’m a woman, and I’ve seen a lot of Bachelors do that. And relationships are multi-faceted, and I have to explore all that.”

Hannah Brown

Brown’s candor has become a linchpin of her season, something she learned during her experience last season on The Bachelor. “I came in so scared, kind of started my journey, but quickly went back to my old routine of trying to figure out what people wanted from me, and I crashed and burned,” she said of her time with Colton Underwood. “So, I had to kind of just live my story and tell it and show my flaws and what makes me me and just really drop my guard.”

As for this time around, she explained, “I want people to see that [honesty], and I think because of how much I grew as a person and was able to be raw and emotional and vulnerable about things in my past and be able to be the Bachelorette who could connect with so many people, I have let it all out — I have given it to everybody, I’m an open book!”

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Brown attended the premiere of Grand Hotel, which is produced by Eva Longoria, with numerous members of Bachelor Nation, including Becca Kufrin and Garrett Yrigoyen, Kaitlyn Bristowe and Jason Tartick, Ashley and J.P Rosenbaum and Kendall Long.

The Bachelorette returns to ABC on Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET.

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