June 25, 2018 10:50 AM

The remaining men on The Bachelorette have had no problem voicing their love of Becca Kufrin so far, but this week, nine of them got to highlight their voices at the Entertainment Capital of the World, Las Vegas — and they got tips from Mr. Las Vegas himself.

As part of the group date in Sin City, the guys — Connor, Garrett, Wills, John, Lincoln, Leo, Blake, Louis and Chris — headed to Wayne Newton‘s house to get tips on how to romance a woman, something he’s been doing for over 60 years. Soon, the men were told that they would have to write lyrics for Becca and perform these songs in front of a live audience to the tune of his hit “Danke Schoen” (which mean “thank you” in German.)

Newton, of course, helped the men, giving them tips on love and life, telling them about the kind of once-in-a-lifetime relationship he has with his wife, Kathleen. Needless to say, the men, who Newton dubbed Becca’s Bachelorette Rat Pack, were nervous. PEOPLE was on hand to witness the performances at the Aria Resort and Casino. While Becca praised all the men for their guts, everyone on hand agreed that Newton’s job isn¹t exactly in jeopardy.

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“It was so fun to watch,” Becca told PEOPLE, “and the sweetest part is they were all so, so nervous, and they all did fine. They made the most it, and didn’t take it too seriously. I had a good time.”

Afterward, the guys seemed like the weight of the world was lifted off their shoulders.

“That was insane. I was singing a Wayne Newton song to Wayne Newton, Becca, her eight boyfriends and a live audience,” Blake said. “It was wild, it was a lot of fun. I was kind of excited while we were writing songs.”

When it was go time, his heart was pounding. “Once I got up there, I was freaking out, perspiring while I was up there,” he said, adding that he only wanted to look at Becca while he was singing. “She has a weird way of calming me down.”

Leo seemed to get a bit of an upper-hand on the other guys when he asked Becca to join him on stage for the song. Becca told PEOPLE it was a “bold move.”

“No one thought about that before me because I may be a little smarter than my competition,” he said. “I always consistently try to have the brain going and use the my brainpower to win over Becca.”

His song raised some eyebrows when he took a jab at Connor for infamously throwing a picture of Lincoln into the water, calling Connor a “d—.” He also verbally punched at Lincoln for being a “flat earth theorist.”

Lincoln, though, was less concerned with the drama during his performance, saying, “Having someone like Becca there made it more comfortable. She’s the reason I’m there, she’s the reason I’m still here. She’s the reason why I wrote the song. She’s the reason why I’m singing it in front of all these people.”

All the men admitted to being totally out of their comfort zone. Wills said it was “nerve-wracking and stressful” but felt like he may have stolen the show. “I think she liked it. She said I killed it,” he said. “She said all the guys killed it. I think it was more about her enjoying our openness and spontaneity, our flexibility, more so than the actual musical talent.”

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Still, Becca walked away impressed, and so did Newton. “The guys impressed me because I thought it was a group of guys that were absolutely there for the right reasons,” he said. “These guys have opened up and they opened a side of themselves that showed to me that they were more interested in what Becca thought. That’s the only way to find that special connection that’s part friendship and part love.”

“Becca is true. You can look in her eyes. She looks at you when she talks to you. She also has that inner beauty that is so hard to find,” he continued. “When I watched last year’s episode I felt in some way that I had to try and help because I was lucky enough to find that kind of mate that gives you a reason to wake up every morning.”

While she appears to be a Bachelorette pro, Becca said the journey is continuing to get more difficult. “We have 12 guys left that this point. And each and every one, I feel like I really have my work cut out because they’re all so great and I feel so comfortable with them,” she said. “It’s only week four or five right now, but I know that at the end it’s going to be very tough. I’m trying to mentally prepare for that now, but I’m still trying to soak in the moment and experience.”

Considering how hard it’s getting, all the guys that got roses may want to tell her “Danke Schoen.”

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