"This could be the bomb that just explodes everything," finalist Ivan Hall says in the clip

By Jodi Guglielmi
December 22, 2020 02:55 PM

Tayshia Adams has a big decision to make.

In a sneak peek at Tuesday night's season finale of The Bachelorette, Tayshia is brought to tears after a sit-down conversation with her father.

"I've seen you hurt before," he says. "Your mom and I don't want you to be making the biggest mistake of your life."

"Oh my God," she says, breaking down into sobs during a confessional interview after the tense conversation.

But while Tayshia might be wavering, the final three men are all feeling confident.

"I am falling in love with her, and she's falling in love with me," Ivan Hall says.

"There's no way that anybody has a better connection with her than I do," says Ben Smith, who returned during Monday's night episode to profess his love for Tayshia after being sent home.

Credit: ABC/YouTube

"Our chemistry and our love is stronger than ever," adds Zac Clark. "But anything can happen."

And Zac appears to be right. Later in the clip, he is also seen crying while admitting to being "blindsided."

"This could be the bomb that just explodes everything," Ivan is heard saying while one man holds an engagement ring.

Needless to say, it's been an eventful season. On Monday night's episode, finalist Brendan Morais made an unexpected exit ahead of his Fantasy Suite overnight. During the dinner portion of the date, he confessed that he didn't feel ready to get married again after his painful divorce.

"I want the wife and kids and a family more than anything on the face of this earth," he said. "But then [I've been] coming to the realization that there's a big part of me that's still broken, there's a big part of me that still needs time to heal. There's a big part of me that needs time to grow."

"It really breaks my heart, because you deserve a man that is complete," he added. "You deserve a man who is healed from his past and unfortunately, right now, I'm not that man. So I'm so sorry."

The Bachelorette season finale airs Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.