Bachelorette Becca Kufrin on Her Future with Garrett Yrigoyen: 'It's Going to Be a Good Life!'

Now, the couple will spend some time traveling before moving in together in Los Angeles

Just five months ago, The Bachelorette’s Becca Kufrin was left broken-hearted when her then-fiancé Arie Luyendyk Jr. broke things off on national television.

But now, Kufrin is happily engaged to winner Garrett Yrigoyen, and this time, things are different.

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“Garrett is one of the only people [with whom] right away, I felt 100 percent me,” Kufrin, 28, tells PEOPLE exclusively in this week’s issue, on stands Friday. “The best way I can describe it is if you have a puzzle and it’s two pieces that match correctly and it just clicks into place.”

Adds Yrigoyen, 29: “I knew I loved Becca so much that I didn’t want her to not be a part of my life.”

Not to say it was always smooth sailing for the couple. Kufrin initially struggled with her feelings for Yrigoyen, given his past brief marriage and the fact that he didn’t say ‘I love you’ as quickly as some of the other men.

“I was more afraid with him because he had been married,” says Kufrin. “I really wanted to make sure that he was 100 percent in.”

Continues Kufrin: “He did take things slower than the other guys. And that was something he was never hiding the fact of, which I appreciated. I didn’t want him to feel any pressure. When he actually was able to say it, I knew that he meant it.”

Says Yrigoyen: “If I learned anything from [my marriage] it was to always be honest, open and transparent. That’s how it will always be with us.”

After the hometown dates, “the moment I knew I loved him hit me like a ton of bricks,” says Kufrin.

And when it came time for the proposal, she was almost as excited just to finally tell Yrigoyen her true feelings.

“I knew if I [held it] until the very last day, it would mean so much more,” Kufrin says. “Seeing his face the moment I said it made everything worth it!”

Now, the couple will spend some time traveling before moving in together in Los Angeles.

“It’ll be fun to live somewhere that neither of us have before and then put down roots after that,” says Kufrin. “I love the city. He loves being outdoors. We’ll find a happy medium!”

  • For more on Becca and Garrett, pick up this week’s issue of PEOPLE, on stands Friday

And when it comes to the future, Yrigoyen and Kufrin say they already have a strong foundation that will stand any test.

“I’m not going to doubt that there’s going to be challenges,” says Kufrin. “But [our life] is going to be so full of laughter, so full of love, so full of respect. Everything that I’ve ever wanted in a partner, [Garrett] has. It’s going to be a good life.”

The Bachelorette concludes with a one-hour live After the Final Rose special, starting at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

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