'The Bachelorette' Finale: Becca Kufrin and Garrett Yrigoyen Are Engaged!

Garrett Yrigoyen and Blake Horstmann went head-to-head for Becca Kufrin's final rose

Bachelor Nation, we made it to the finish line.

On Monday’s two-hour season finale, Becca Kufrin made her final choice between Garrett Yrigoyen and Blake Horstmann — read on for how it all goes down.

When the episode opens in the Maldives, Becca admits she’s fallen in love with both of her finalists — even though she’s reserving those three little words for the last man standing.

“I love Garrett so much and I love Blake so much,” she says. “Blake, since week one, has been the most consistent relationship and the strongest. There’s just this pull to him. I feel like our hearts just recognize one another. Because of that, I always thought he’d be the one at the end of this.”

“With Garrett, it’s been a little bit slower,” she reflects. “But I started to see so much more to him and so many other sides that I really felt could fit into my life. And it’s been growing and growing.”


Becca’s family flies in to help guide her through the decision. She introduces them to Garrett first and it goes incredibly well, with Becca’s mom gushing that Becca’s late father would definitely approve.

Garrett, meanwhile, is the most vulnerable we’ve seen him yet. He doesn’t shy away from questions about his short-lived first marriage, and while discussing his love for Becca, he breaks down into tears not once, but twice. By the end of the day, he’s won the family over entirely.

“He’s incredible,” says Becca’s sister. “I felt like I had known him for years.”


Blake makes an equally good first impression. Becca’s sister says she could “absolutely” see him as her brother-in-law, gently pointing out one perceived difference between the two men.

“I feel like Blake would challenge you and he would be more of a teammate,” she tells Becca. “You just need to decide what you want.”

Becca’s mom is on the same page.

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“Blake, for some reason, right when he came in seemed more like, equal — on your level,” she says. “I don’t know why. I just got that sense right away.”

Overall, while everyone agrees that they’re both “wonderful, good men,” Becca’s family isn’t convinced that Garrett would challenge her quite as much as Blake. And Becca, meanwhile, is still wrestling with her decision.

“For the longest time I always thought it would be Blake,” she admits. “I was like, ‘He’s the one, and he’s going to be the one at the end of this.’ And then Garrett kept coming up and up and up and I kept getting to know more of him and loving more of him. With Garrett, if I’m being honest, I feel like that relationship would be a bigger risk — making sure we do push each other at times. … Now I feel guilty, in a sense, for even feeling this way about somebody else.”

As for Blake? He’s starting to crack, and he’s convinced something is up with Becca.

“I don’t want to talk about f—ing Garrett anymore,” he tells producers. “Maybe I’m overthinking it. But usually my gut is right when it comes to this stuff. She’s going to pick Garrett.”

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Becca and Garrett spend their last day together sailing the Indian Ocean, blissfully happy and seemingly unconcerned about what lies ahead. That night, when she stops by his hotel room for the last few hours of their date, Garrett envisions their future, full of diaper changes and trips to the grocery store.

“I just feel so confident and comfortable with where I’m at with you,” he says. “I know that you’re the person that I need in my life to make me be a better version of myself every day but I want to make sure that I’m the person that does that to you as well. So when you make that decision, I’m willing to be absolutely crushed at the end of this, even if it isn’t me, just as long as you’re happy.”

Paul Hebert/ABC

Becca once again points to the fact that Garrett reminds her of her dad.

“He’s not here, obviously, and he’s never going to see me with my person,” she says. “He’s never going to be able to walk me down the aisle, but he still is watching over me and my sister and my mom — and it feels like a little bit of home with you.”


Becca’s last date with Blake is equally romantic — but watching closely, it becomes apparent that something might be simmering beneath the surface.

“It’s difficult,” she tells him at one point. “Especially this week — I’ve been in my head, really trying to use these moments, these dates, every conversation and action to figure out what’s the best for me and what’s ultimately going to be the best for you guys, too. It’s not easy.”

Paul Hebert/ABC
Paul Hebert/ABC

But by that night, Becca and Blake appear as smitten with each other as ever. He surprises her with a time capsule full of memories they made together, and she admits she can’t picture saying goodbye.

“For a while I’ve been in love with Blake,” she says. “He always surprises me. He’s so good at everything. He makes me laugh, he has great conversation, he stimulates me, he’s romantic. He’s really everything I could want in a partner.”

“All I wanted this entire week was clarity, and I feel like I got that and I’m starting to get it even more,” she adds. “I can see Blake standing in front of me, professing his love to me, and me professing it back.”


The next day, both men meet with famed jeweler Neil Lane to pick out a ring. They’re both giddy at the thought of proposing, refusing to even acknowledge that they might be the one sent packing.

Becca, meanwhile, has made her decision.

“I feel like I could be happy with either guy and both of them would be a right choice for me,” she says. “But I’m going for the one that I can’t see myself without. This love feels like it just fits my soul, it just fits my heart. I’m so happy that I pushed through to find what I’ve always wanted. I really feel like I’ve not only found my partner in this, but I’ve also found myself.”


Finally, the moment we’ve all been waiting for: On the beach, Becca anxiously awaits the arrival of her runner-up.

“I have to say goodbye to somebody and I have to break his heart,” she says. “I thought my last breakup was hard, but this is going to be so much harder. I know that this man doesn’t see it coming. He’s going to feel so blindsided and it makes me feel so terrible. It makes me feel like such a monster.”

Paul Hebert/ABC

The first man to arrive on the beach is Blake, sealing his fate forever. He makes his way over to her and launches into his pre-proposal speech. When it’s her turn to speak, she breaks the news to him gently, looking pained.

“Blake Horstmann, you made me hopeful again,” she says. “You made me excited in this journey. You gave me something to look forward to. You have been the most solid, constant relationship and one that I could turn to anytime. I knew that you’d be there and you’d be a partner to me — and a teammate. You’ve made me know that I can fall in love again.”

BLAKE BacheloretteCredit: ABC
BLAKE BacheloretteCredit: ABC

“But through all of that, too, because we were so constant, I felt like I was overlooking other relationships,” she continues. “Because we were so solid, I wasn’t seeing everything. There’s just one piece with somebody else that I am not ready to say goodbye to yet. Quite honestly, I pictured this moment with you standing here the entire time for so long. I think that we could be right and we could be partners — but I think that there’s just a better fit for us out there.”

BLAKE BacheloretteCredit: ABC
BLAKE BacheloretteCredit: ABC

Blake, visibly shocked, is at a loss for words. Finally, he tells her he loves her and that he thinks she’s making a mistake. She doesn’t have an answer for him, instead offering to walk him out. They make their way over to his car in silence, hand-in-hand. Once they part ways, both are emotional — but nothing is more heart-breaking than Blake admitting he saw it coming all along.

“I f—ing knew it,” he says.


Once Becca has composed herself, there’s one last thing she has to do: Accept a proposal. Garrett meets her on the beach and professes his love — and finally, she’s free to say it back.

Paul Hebert/ABC

“Since night one, I saw something in you. I felt something in you, so much so that you got that first rose,” she says. “You got that first impression rose because right away I felt something so strong. I re-read my journal and you were the first guy I ever wrote about in it. I wrote that you reminded me of home, and you reminded me one of the most important men in my life entire life and that was my dad.”


“I’ve been waiting to say it for the right person,” she continues. “I’ve been holding back because I wanted to be 1000 percent certain. Garrett, I love you. I love you so much.”

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He gets down on one knee to pop the question and she gleefully accepts as he slips the ring on her finger. In her own words, they just did the damn thing!

The Bachelorette concludes with a one-hour live After the Final Rose special, starting at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

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