'The Bachelorette' 's Connor S. on Luke P.'s 'Unfortunate' Behavior: He 'Has Some Character Flaws'

Connor Saeli is hopeful that Luke Parker will come out of the experience a better man

Going on The Bachelorette certainly isn’t for everyone.

Recently eliminated contestant Connor Saeli appeared on PeopleTV’s Reality Check and dished on this season’s most controversial contestant, Luke Parker.

Saeli, 25, said he thinks the high-pressure dating show brought out the worst in Parker, 24.

“I don’t think Luke’s a bad person but I don’t think him being on the show was the right environment for him,” he said. “Obviously emotions are heightened, and I just think the way he acted wasn’t necessarily the right thing to do in certain situations.”

The Bachelorette
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Parker’s drama with the men has been an ongoing storyline this season, with lead Hannah Brown canceling three cocktail parties after having tough conversations with the Georgia native.

And the other men didn’t hide their dislike of Parker. Numerous men confronted him about his behavior and how it was impacting everyone’s time on the show — including Brown’s.

“So much of the conversation, the whole season, was about him. It was very frustrating for all of us,” said Saeli. “It definitely affected Hannah’s ability to focus on some of the other relationships.”

When Saeli was eliminated after Brown, 24, told him their connection wasn’t strong enough, he couldn’t help but place some of the blame on Parker.

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“I don’t think [Brown] was actually able to get to know us as well as she probably would have hoped to,” he said. “So much attention was focused on Luke.”

Despite any tension in the house, Saeli is hopeful that Parker will come out of The Bachelorette a better man.

“The guy just has some character flaws that came out during the show,” he said. “It’s unfortunate but I hope he uses this as a learning experience.”

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