Who's not here to make friends - and who rose to the occasion? Play our Bachelorette bracket to ensure that you have as many highs, lows and "emotional journeys" as the contestants on Becca Kufrin's season 14 of the dating show

With just days to go before the season 14 premiere of The Bachelorette, you’ve already done your major prep. You’ve studied every contestant carefully and know that at least one of them is a Social Media Participant. You know that Bachelorette Becca Kufrin has forgiven her former fiancé, Bachelor Arie Luyendyk Jr., for dumping her for runner-up Lauren Burnham. You’ve heard that Kufrin is engaged to her pick (and this one is “going to stick”) and that he’s pictured here among all of her suitors. There’s just one more thing you need: our downloadable bracket to play along with each week’s eliminations.

People-Bachelorette Bracket-Final-01

First, consult our guide to every contestant (they’re also handily illustrated at the bottom of the bracket). Then, print out our bracket, distribute to your equally obsessed friends, and each fill out who you think will make it through each week’s rose ceremony using your intuition (and a little help from Chris Harrison). Finally, follow along each week to see how you did – awarding yourself points according to our scoring guide. For extra points, answer our pre-rose ceremony bonus round questions before the Bachelorette makes her initial picks. Then follow along each week for a “journey” as thrilling as a helicopter ride over a waterfall with your potential future husband.

Ready to play? Download our Bachelorette bracket PDF now and get the popcorn ready for The Bachelorette, which premieres Monday at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.