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Updated May 25, 2010 12:00 AM
Credit: Bob D'Amico/ABC

Ali Fedotowsky, the 25-year-old advertising account manager from San Francisco and [LINK on The Bachelor” “” “” “0” ] is the newest star of Bachelorette. Each week, she will be blogging for and sharing her thoughts about the episode that aired the night before. “You’re going to see me get mad, cry, be happy, stressed out,” Fedotowsky says of the upcoming season. “The real me — the good, bad and the ugly.” In today’s blog, Fedotowsky gives her first impressions of her 25 suitors — and shares why it was tough to let eight men go.

Hi everyone,

What a night! Let me first say that this was the most terrifying and exciting night of my life. I’m sure it is so obvious to all of you that I was unbelievably nervous. Throughout the night I said things that didn’t even make sense.

To Chris L: “Have a good night!” Oh my. Poor guy. It’s like I was saying, “Thanks for coming! See you at the rose ceremony.”

To Jesse: “You’re a what man?” I think he told me his was a “peculiar man” about four times before I actually heard him.

To Roberto, when he told me his name: “You’re going to have to help me with that one.” Really? I couldn’t pronounce Roberto? Pull it together, girl!

To Frank: “Paris is amazing. I’ve never been.” How would I know it was amazing if I’ve never been?

The first guy I met was Chris H. How adorable is he?! I remember thinking, “If 24 more guys like Chris H. get out of these limos, then there is absolutely no way I will be able to let anyone go tonight.” Be careful what you wish for because I met 24 more amazing men that night. Kyle reeled me in, Jonathan N. brought a little sunshine into my life and John C. proposed! I can’t believe all the things they did to get my attention. All I can say is: It worked.

Once I met all of the guys, I was excited to get inside and get to know them. Derrick, I mean Shooter, well, I don’t think I need to explain this one. I hope Derrick’s friends aren’t giving him too hard of a time for telling me that story. He was a good sport. I’m sure many of you are wondering if I didn’t give him a rose because he told me that story. No, that was not the case. I had to let eight guys go and I just didn’t think Shooter was a match for me, regardless of, well, you know.

Next up, the “first impression” rose: I really wanted to make sure that I thought carefully about who received the “first impression” rose. I wanted to give it to a guy that I could see a future with and on the first night, I got that feeling from Roberto. I just felt so comfortable with him and there was an immediate connection. Plus, he is super hot, which didn’t hurt.

All and all, the night went smoothly — up until the ballot box came out. I felt really bad that the guys had to write a name down, but having their advice that night couldn’t be a bad thing.

When Chris read Justin‘s name, I was shocked. Talking with him he seemed so nice and sincere! Justin thought the guys chose him because he is a wrestler, and I honestly feel bad that a few of the guys were making fun of something he loves to do. Okay, an entertainment wrestler isn’t the type of guy I’d normally date, but I commend him for doing what makes him happy regardless of what others think. I decided to keep Justin because he was nothing but nice to me.

Letting eight guys go at the end of the night was hard. In particular, I really would have liked to spend more time with Phil and Jay. They both seem like fun, genuine guys that I would have liked to have gotten to know better.

All in all, it was definitely a crazy first night and that is just the beginning! Until next week …

With love, Ali

Tell us: What did you think of the first episode? Did Ali make the right decisions?Bob D’Amico/ABC