Bachelorette Blog: Jillian Overwhelmed By a Whopping 30 Guys!

Photo: Craig Sjodin/ABC

Jillian Harris kicks off her reign as the new Bachelorette with a weekly blog right here on

Being The Bachelorette has been such an incredible experience for me, and I am really looking forward to sharing some of the exciting little tidbits that don’t make it into the show each week right here in this blog.

First things first! I searched long and hard for the perfect gown. The one we settled on was vintage, and had been worn on the red carpet. (That’s quite a big history for one little dress!) I felt incredible in it, but it did need a lot of work to help it fit me like it did. The only sad part is, the driveway outside the house is sprayed down before shooting to give it a nice glimmer, so the bottom of my gown got wet while I was waiting for all the men to arrive.

And speaking of waiting for the limos, that was the very first moment that I felt nervous at all. I had a strange sense of calm all day, right up until that very first limo pulled into the driveway.

Break-dancing with Michael and Greg was one of the most fun moments of the night for me. I know I am not the greatest dancer, so I loved that the guys were able to encourage me and poke some fun at the same time.

I was totally overwhelmed by the first 25 guys, and every time I walked into the room my head would spin. I had such a hard time remembering names that I called Jesse Josh… twice! But then to have 5 more super-hot guys enter the room now that was almost more than I could handle!

I was the most nervous at the rose ceremony, when I had to eliminate ten great guys. It was the first indication I had that I wasn’t going to be cool as a cucumber all season. It was incredible, difficult and emotional all at the same time… you saw it all unfold last night! Thanks for watching!

Craig Sjodin/ABC

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