'The Bachelorette' 's Colton Cries Over 'Cheap Shots' Taken at His Virginity as the 'Men Tell All'

On Monday's two-hour Men Tell All, Becca Kufrin came face-to-face with her eliminated contestants — here are the highlights

It’s that time again, Bachelor Nation.

On Monday’s two-hour Men Tell All, 17 of Becca Kufrin‘scastoffs gathered for one giant, televised tea-spilling session — here are your highlights.

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Chris admitted the “wheels fell off.”

Remember when Chris became a full-fledged villain over the course of half an hour? Or when he reverted back to the sixth grade to argue about whether he could beat Lincoln in a fight? Or when he actually thought Becca should have been the one pursuing him?

Well, we’re happy to report that Chris was able to (somewhat) redeem himself. He apologized to Becca and the guys for his ridiculous behavior, confessing that he simply “lost control” and allowed for his “insecurities” to take over. Let’s just hope the new and improved Chris is the one who shows up to Paradise.

Jean-Blanc took a “cheap shot” at Colton’s virginity.

It was bleeped out, but we’re pretty sure he said something along the lines of, “Colton, you’re acting like a p—y but you’ve never been f—ed.”

And Colton got emotional about it.

“Being up here tonight and getting cheap shots thrown at me about being a p—y because I haven’t seen one, that hurts,” he said, choking up. “Because when I hear that, I believe it. And I feel like people think I’m less of a man because of that. It’s the hardest thing for me to hear.”

Becca cleared up that whole Tia situation.

Long story short: Becca was going to send Colton home anyway.

“Tia’s gotten a lot of backlash, and I don’t want that at all,” said Becca. “Her and I are still close and going into that last rose ceremony in L.A., what she had said didn’t change in my heart what I was meant to do.”

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Jordan was … well, Jordan.

Unsurprisingly, Jordan hasn’t changed one bit since his golden underpants-clad behind last graced our television screens. He got into it with just about everyone and refused to back down, even when he wasn’t making any sense. If only we could all have some of Jordan’s unwavering confidence.

“I don’t have to put on a façade,” he said. “I don’t have to come on stage and wear fancy, shiny black suits or anything. I’m me, I’m unapologetically me, and I’m always going to be me. I don’t have a fear of being me, because if I walked around as a hologram of a man or as a skeleton of a man, where’s that going to get me?”

Paul Hebert/ABC

And of course, he made fun of someone’s outfit.

“You’re a joke. High waters, really? High waters? I don’t know what your name is, but it’s nice to meet you.”

Paul Hebert/ABC

Jason, meanwhile, was a perfect gentleman.

He did make it to Becca’s final three, so their breakup was the most raw. But Jason made it clear he harbors no ill will, and in fact, wishes her nothing but the best.

“There will always be a special place in my heart for Becca,” he admitted.

Paul Hebert/ABC
Paul Hebert/ABC

“She’s going to find her happiness and I’m going to find mine. It’s difficult to have an ex in which you want to have a friendship with — but she’s one that I hope one day we can get to that point.”

Justice for Joe was finally served.

Paul Hebert/ABC

Just look at that smile. Joe is a man of few words, but watching him adorably squirm at all the attention was more than enough.

The three-hour Bachelorette finale airs Monday at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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