Bachelor Zach Shallcross Says His 'Heart Has Been Yanked in 2 Directions' Ahead of Proposal Day

In an exclusive sneak peek at Monday's season 27 finale of The Bachelor, Zach mulls over whether to propose to Gabi and Kaity on what he calls "the biggest day of my life"

The time has come for Zach Schallcross to make his most difficult decision yet.

As his Bachelor journey comes to an end, Zach has to decide whether he wants to move forward with Kaity or Gabi, with whom he broke his "no sex" decree during Fantasy Suites week.

"It's the biggest day of my life," Zach, 26, says in PEOPLE's exclusive sneak peek at Monday's Bachelor finale. "My heart has been yanked in two directions."

Account executive Gabi, 25, knows that the day can go one of two ways for her: "Today, I am left heartbroken or going to be engaged to someone really amazing and special to me."

THE BACHELOR - ABC’s “The Bachelor” stars Kaity. (ABC/Ricky Middlesworth); THE BACHELOR - ABC’s “The Bachelor” stars Zach Shallcross. (ABC/Nino Muñoz); THE BACHELOR - ABC’s “The Bachelor” stars Gabi. (ABC/Ricky Middlesworth)
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Meanwhile, ER nurse Kaity, 27, worries whether or not Zach will choose her in the end.

"If he got down on one knee and proposed to me, it would change my life forever," she says. "But it's very scary the thought that he's falling in love with Gabi, too."

After Zach and Gabi's overnight date, the sales account executive confessed his feelings for her.

"I'm falling in love with you," he told Gabi. "You're someone what would be awesome to go through life with."

In the clip from the upcoming finale, Zach acknowledges he's "caused pain" throughout the season. "I've made mistakes," he says. "And I have to share with someone very special to me that it can't be us."

Zach already made the difficult choice of bidding farewell to Ariel after Fantasy Suites.

Zach Shallcross’ Official Bachelor Cast
Ricky Middlesworth/ABC

"This week, I, at times, felt like a failure," Zach told his three finalists ahead of the rose ceremony. "I've caused pain, I've made mistakes and I'm so sorry for that."

Zach referred to trying to control the week by deciding early on not to have sex as "the biggest mistake I could've done."

He made that call in hopes of trying of making the week go smoothly. "This is the only thing that feels right and comfortable for me," Zach told host Jesse Palmer. "And [sex] can really muddy the situation."

Ultimately, Zach thought that being intimate with three different women was "not how I imagine a healthy engagement should start."

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The Bachelor season 27 finale airs Monday at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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