Zach Shallcross Visits an Estonian Witch and a Nudist Sauna For His Latest Round of 'Bachelor' Dates

"I am feeling absolutely traumatized," the Bachelor said during Monday's episode after encountering a naked couple in the sauna

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Warning: This post contains spoilers from Monday's episode of The Bachelor.

Zach Shallcross's love journey brought him to Estonia this week.

After recovering from COVID, Zach, 26, forged ahead with his mission to find a wife. However, Greer tested positive, so she wasn't available for any dates.

"Let her know that I'm thinking about her," Zach told host Jesse Palmer.


Zach had to cancel on Charity last week, so he rescheduled their one-on-one for Estonia. When Zach came to pick up Charity, 26, Katherine pulled him aside and stole a kiss.

"I thought that was kind of not the time for that," Brooklyn said. "It's fair to miss him but he came here for her."

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The rodeo racer, 26, called the move "classless."

Meanwhile, Zach and Charity headed into town, where the nurse volunteered them for a wife-carrying competition. Then they stopped into a glassware shop and tried some "Estonia spirit." The shopkeeper taught Zach and Charity an Estonian drinking ritual that required them to stand on one leg and put one hand on their head.

Neither of them liked the drink. "So much pepper," Zach remarked.

He and Charity continued to explore the city. "This date has been worth the wait," she said.

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When they sat down during the evening portion of the date, Charity opened up about her past. "Who I am today is not who you would've seen years ago," she said.

Zach wondered why.

"The relationship prior to being here was … it was an emotionally abusive relationship for me," Charity explained. "I never honestly felt what it feels like to be seen as a partner or to be seen as a girlfriend."

Charity said she dealt with "occurrences of infidelity" throughout the relationship. "It was with someone that I knew, but also the person that I loved at the time also did this awful thing to me," she continued. "And it just became this really vicious cycle of manipulation."

Zach understood losing yourself in a relationship. "I lost myself in the previous relationship before this," he said. "I remember I had a moment where I was like, I don't even know what my favorite music is because I neglected my own."

Zach offered her a rose and they left the date in a horse drawn carriage. "I am 100 perfect falling for Zach," Charity said in an on-camera interview.


The women bickered with Kat a bit more about her stealing time with Zach when he came to pick up Charity. "That just rubs people the wrong way," Ariel told her.

For the date, Brooklyn, Kaity, Kat, Gabi, Ally and Jess met with Zach and an Estonian witch, who had been using witchcraft for 20 years.

They started out by chanting in a circle and did a ritual that involved sage. "There is not enough sage in the world to cleanse Kat," Brooklyn told the cameras.

From there, each woman took a turn holding a candle with Zach and looking into his eyes.

"I've never connected with somebody on that intimate level before," Kaity, 27, said in an on-camera interview.

Gabi, 25, said she felt "really positive vibes" during the exercise.

But Jess's flame went out during her time with Zach, and that rattled her confidence, which was already shaky because she hadn't received a one-on-one yet.

Zach got more time with each woman at the afterparty.

"I feel like I'm a kid when I'm around you," Kaity told him. "Like sometimes I can't even make eye contact with you because I just smile like an idiot."

"I noticed," Zach replied.

The ER nurse told Zach she pictured her future with him when they held the candle earlier, and then they made out.

While chatting with Gabi, Zach said they had one of his "strongest connections."

"I can see you in my life forever," the account executive said.

Things didn't go as well with Jess, though, when the e-commerce coordinator expressed her frustration with being the only woman not to go on a one-on-one date so far.

"This is news for me," Zach said. "With you from night one, I felt something there. We will have the time to get to know each other."

bachelor jessica
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But Jess worried, "I feel like you haven't seen all of me."

Zach told Jess she didn't have to wait for a one-on-one to have deep conversations. "I'm feeling so confident in us and then it's about a one-on-one," he said. "What am I missing?"

Jess felt that "in my position, a one-on-one is a big deal."

"I feel like there is that disconnect, I guess," Zach said. "I don't feel any more sure about this and I feel nervous and I don't think I can feel fully nervous. So I don't know how you feel, but I'm not feeling that confident, as hard as it and it pains me to say."

Jess said she didn't want to fight for their relationship. "I told you from the start that I'm not going to fight for someone," she said. "I told you that all I wanted was someone to fight for me."

With that, Zach walked Jess out. He informed the other women of Jess's sudden departure and announced that, accordingly, no rose would be handed out that night.

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Ariel received the final one-on-one of the week, which consisted of going to a nudist sauna.

Ariel, 28, and Zach wore bathing suits and brushed each other with leaves before heading into the sauna, where they met a naked older couple. Ariel asked the couple for relationship advice, and they recommended being honest and giving each other space.

"I am feeling absolutely traumatized," Zach told the cameras.

Afterwards, Zach and Ariel sipped champagne in a hot tub. "I had one of the best times I've ever had with Ariel today," he said in an on-camera interview. "She makes me laugh. We get along. It feels like she could be my best friend."

Zach Shallcross’ Official Bachelor Cast
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Zach told Ariel as much over drinks later. "I thought the comfortability I had with you, it was a date that really did blow me away," he said.

The Bachelor admitted he had early reservations about Ariel. "I was a little nervous about us," Zach said. "I feel like in the beginning it was fun and easy. But you've got this very well-put-together image and I was incredibly impressed by it, but I was a little nervous, too."

Ariel said she felt like she couldn't always be her true self in past relationships and often used "humor as a veil."

"I do care for who you are and what you bring to the table, not what you think is the right thing because of previous hurt," Zach said. "I want you to know I am more than excited for what I see with you."

"I'm really excited too," Ariel said before they kissed.

Zach offered Ariel a rose, telling her, "With you, this journey has carried a lot of surprises and I'm not kidding when I say you might be the best one."

She accepted the rose and told the cameras she thought Zach could be her "forever person."


Aly, 26, pulled Zach first at the cocktail party. Then he ate Estonian pancakes with Gabi and spoke with Brooklyn. Meanwhile, Charity used the party to try to clear the air with Kat.

"I stand by what I did because I wanted to show him that I care," Kat told Charity.

Brooklyn went over to check on Charity during the conversation and attempted to ask Kat a question, but Kat stormed off.

"I can't keep getting pushed down. I do not want to feel this way before talking to him," Kat said right before Zach walked in.

During their chat, Zach told Kat he thought "it did feel a little off" between them at the group date.

"I wasn't feeling that way," Kat said, adding that "navigating being in a group setting with other women" presented an issue for her.

At the rose ceremony, Zach ultimately kept Kat around. He additionally gave roses to Gabi, Kaity and Brooklyn, sending Aly packing.

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The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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