The Bachelor Winter Games stars Ashley Iaconetti, Dean Unglert, and Eric Bigger reveal all the behind-the-scenes secrets about the Olympics-themed spinoff

By Katherine Eisenbrand
February 12, 2018 01:22 PM

The Bachelor Winter Games stars Ashley Iaconetti, Dean Unglert, and Eric Bigger are spilling all the behind-the-scenes secrets about the Olympics-themed reality spinoff.

Opening up to PEOPLE Now during a game of “Most Likely To,” the trio cover everything from pre-filming jitters to romantic revelations.

To kick things off, Unglert names Iaconetti the “most likely to complain about the cold weather.” Iaconetti responds, “Really? I think I wasn’t complaining about it.”

In classic “he said, she said” fashion, Unglert retorts, “I think you complained everyday”

The next superlative goes to Courtney Dober, the Australian Bachelorette representative, for “most likely to run outside in their underwear and jump in the hot tub.”

The “biggest flirt” honor is awarded to Lesley Murphy, according to Unglert. Bigger thinks “that’s fair,” so look out for Murphy’s love interests this season.

Iaconetti tells PEOPLE Now that bunkmate Luke Pell is the “most likely to cuddle by the fire.”

“Luke and his love interest — they hung out in that room more than anyone,” says Ashley.

Maybe the easiest question for the three to answer is which star is the “most likely to hang out with Chris Harrison in real life when the show is over.” The resounding response? “Ben Higgins.”

Iaconetti also opens up about being duped by Unglert ahead of filming, saying “when you’re secluded for three days in the hotel room before you actually get to go to the parade and get to be joined with all your Bachelor Nation friends, you get a little crazy.”

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“I was secluded for a number of days. And [Unglert] was somehow able to convince me that Trista and Ryan [Sutter] brought a candle from the Bachelor mansion which has been burning since her season, all the way to Vermont — and that was the Bachelor Winter Games torch,” says Iaconetti. Trista Sutter was the first ever Bachelorette, so that candle would have been burning since 2003.

The Bachelor Winter Games airs Tuesday, Feb. 13 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.