"Ashley and Kevin had quite the whirlwind romance," Chris Harrison says of the Bachelor Winter Games couple

By Chris Harrison
February 23, 2018 08:00 AM

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This is it, the final episode of The Bachelor Winter Games. It’s all ending way too quickly, isn’t it? What started with a fun little parade in small town Vermont really did turn into a global celebration of unity and love.

Now let’s talk about these couples.

I could see the cracks forming between Jordan and Bibiana. That was a relationship that almost happened too quickly. And knowing what Jordan went through on his season of The Bachelor, it didn’t surprise me just how seriously he was taking his relationship with Bibiana. I don’t blame him for asking the tough questions when he did, and I also don’t blame her for telling him that it was time to end things. That said, their breakup was absolutely heartbreaking.

Courtney and Lilly somehow managed to stay under the radar during their time at The Bachelor Winter Games. But could they be any cuter together? The fact that they immediately left Vermont and took off on a road trip together to see the U.S. says everything about their relationship. Those two are taking their time, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they end up married one day. They just seem meant for each other.

As I’ve said all along, Dean and Lesley were a couple I never saw coming. He’s the pretty boy with the playboy past. She’s the strong, intelligent woman who’s been through so much this past year and isn’t up for playing games. And yet, it worked between them. Do opposites really attract? Sometimes they do. Regardless, it was great having Lesley back in our world again. And it was great seeing Dean grow up and take his relationship with Lesley seriously.

Luke and Stassi were the truly international couple of The Bachelor Winter Games. They had a strong emotional bond that just grew and grew even when faced with cultural differences. I had such high hopes for them, but clearly things went south when the cameras stopped rolling. What were those conversations like between them? Only Luke and Stassi know the answer. The only thing that’s clear is that there was some serious miscommunication there. Watching the two of them sit there on stage and try to sort it out was just plain uncomfortable. No matter what Luke said, it just made things worse.

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Ashley and Kevin had quite the whirlwind romance. After so many years of tears, Ashley finally seems to have found a guy who isn’t afraid to have the hard conversations. So much has been made of Ashley’s virginity, and everyone wants to know what happened between Ashley and Kevin in the fantasy suite and then after they left Vermont. But what happened isn’t important. What’s important is how Ashley has handled it and how she continues to handle it. She really is a role model for so many young women out there.

Credit: Lorenzo Bevilaqua/ABC

And of course there’s Clare and Benoit. It was the most devastating breakup of the season. We all wondered, Clare included, if she made a mistake saying goodbye to him. So when I heard Clare was in love again, I knew it had to be Benoit. Seeing him stand up there on stage and make his way to Clare, I couldn’t have been happier. He’s a great guy. He’s sincere, romantic and kind. She’s a great woman. She’s strong, smart and not willing to settle. I wish them nothing but happiness.

This has been an unforgettable experience. Working with Hannah Storm and Ashley Brewer was a blast. And having old friends like Ben, Lesley, Ashley, Eric and Dean back was so much fun. But nothing prepared me for the international element that made The Bachelor Winter Games unique: people from all over the globe, from different cultures, coming together. Yuki. Ally. Stassi. Tiffany. Christian. Courtney. Lilly. And so many more. They were the ones who really put themselves out there. Thank you to all of you who made the long journey to Vermont in search of love. Some of you didn’t find it. But some of you did. And that warms my heart.

Let’s do it again, Bachelor Nation. Wait, let me try that again. Let’s do it again, Bachelor World.