She's "50 shades of crazy"

Credit: Rick Rowell/ABC/Getty

We’re just one episode into this season of The Bachelor, and we’ve already found the girl who has been dubbed “50 shades of crazy.”

Enter 25-year-old Lace Morris: Denver native, real estate broker and surely a future cast member on the 2016 season of Bachelor in Paradise.

When it comes to first impressions, Olivia may have captured Ben’s attention, but it was Lace that got ours. Here, six reasons why this is the girl who will keep you yelling at your TV all season long.

1. She was Ben’s first kiss of the night.
Ben’s whole shtick is that he wants to save the physical aspects of his many budding relationships for later (like, Fantasy Suite later, Ben?) and get to know the girls on a personal level first. How noble and honorable, right? Wrong – if you’re Lace, that is. Within seconds of stepping out of the limo, Lace had planted the first kiss of the season on Ben’s lips without even the slightest warning as to what was coming.

2. And almost his second.

Not content with only one kiss before the rose ceremony, Lace asked Ben for another ( better) smooch. Ben may have (somewhat uncomfortably) agreed, but he was spared at the last moment when another contestant, Mandi, swooped in to score a little more pre-rose time with Ben. Lace may have been unsuccessful in her search for a second kiss, but the fact stands that Lace almost stole two kisses before most of the girls told Ben their hometowns.

3. She got really pissed when things didn’t go her way.
After Mandi started kiss-interrupting-gate 2016, Lace was mad. Like, really, really mad. There were tears. There were harsh words (a favorite phrase was, “Who wants a f—ing virgin!?”). There were complaints. And since both Lace and Mandi will be back next week, we bet there will be more to this story.

4. She was the first to imbibe the ever-flowing Bachelor champagne.
When it comes to The Bachelor, there are a few certainties: There’s a girl who is not there to make friends, there will be several shots of the Bachelor standing on the edge of a cliff, looking contemplative and, of course, there will be the one contestant who boozes a bit harder than the rest on night one. This season, Lace is that girl. And in her alcohol haze, she engaged in some serious creeping on Ben. A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do, right?

5. Getting a rose wasn’t enough for her.
On the inaugural night in the mansion, it’s safe to assume that the Bachelor has his hands full: He’s got more than 20 ladies to meet, judge and subsequently choose to eliminate after all! So for the lucky few who make it through the first rose ceremony, there’s usually nothing but smiles and, of course, more champagne. But not for Lace! Immediately after the ceremony concluded and the champagne clinking started up again, she pulled Ben aside to berate him over his lack of eye contact with her during the rose ceremony. “You didn’t look at me once,” she said. “You would not look at me.” Ben, understandably, was a little confused as to why she was upset, considering she did get a rose. Welcome to The Bachelor, Ben – sometimes, a rose is just not enough!

6. She and Ben are already bickering like an old married couple.
Later on in their post-ceremony chat, Lace got blunt with Ben: “If you want me to go home, I’d rather just go home,” she told him, clearly not getting that when you get a rose, that is Ben saying I don’t want you to go home. One night in and she’s already nagging him for attention – if that’s not the makings of an epic romance, we don’t know what is!

The Bachelor airs Mondays (8 p.m. ET) on ABC.