What Really Happened Between Nick Viall and Raven Gates in the Fantasy Suite? 'The Show Pretty Much Captured It,' She Says

During the Fantasy Suite dates, Gates revealed to Viall she had never had an orgasm before

Raven Gates is dishing about what really went on behind closed doors during her Fantasy Suite date with Bachelor Nick Viall.

Although Gates, 25, wasn’t offered the final rose by the Bachelor star on the Monday night finale, the season 21 runner-up has no regrets about going on the series, including her sharing a very personal secret with Viall — and all of Bachelor Nation.

During her Fantasy Suite with 36-year-old Viall, Gates revealed that she’s only had sex with one person, her ex-boyfriend, and she’s never had an orgasm. Although Viall appeared to be flushed and didn’t have much of an answer for the Arkansas native when she told him, the Feb. 27 episode ended with the two of them making out in bed.

Speaking with PEOPLE during the After the Final Rose episode, Gates admitted that she wasn’t nervous about disclosing that very personal piece of information to the ABC leading man.

“I definitely knew I was going to tell him. I’m an open book, so I think honesty is the best policy — especially when it’s something I’m nervous about and if this is someone I was spending my life with,” Gates told PEOPLE.

“We had to have those conversations, whether it’s embarrassing or if it’s uncomfortable. I wasn’t nervous about telling him, I pretty much had my mind made up that I was going to,” said Gates. “I was nervous about the night in general and just the seriousness of it. But telling him that, I was not nervous. Just that day was nerve-wracking because it was so close to the end and it was a big night if that makes sense.”

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So, what exactly did take place inside the couple’s hotel room? And did all go smoothly on their first intimate night alone?

“Well, the thing about the show is they really capture those exciting moments and they make everything pretty true to what is happening,” said Gates, who added, “So I think I don’t really have to say too much. I think the show pretty much captured it.”


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