Plus, which two women did Viall send home this week?

Last week, we had to watch Nick Viall limp his way through three painfully awkward breakups — and unfortunately for him, he’s not quite done yet.

Monday’s episode of The Bachelor picked up with Nick still in anguish over eliminating Jasmine, Whitney and Danielle L. After giving the remaining six women enough time to descend into a panic about whether they were next, Nick stopped by their hotel room to apologize for his very dramatic behavior the night before and informed them that he wasn’t going anywhere. Everyone breathed a big sigh of relief as if it was actually ever remotely a possibility that ABC would let the Bachelor peace out mid-season, and they went on their merry to way to Bimini.


The first one-on-one in Bimini was with Vanessa. Corinne — the only one who hasn’t gotten an official one-on-one date with Nick yet — didn’t take this news well at all.

Corinne: “Now I’m getting frustrated. And I’m really bloated.”

Bachelor villains, they’re just like us!

Nick and Vanessa spent the day lounging on a yacht, and Vanessa revealed that she had never been on a boat before. TBH the fact that she chose to wear giant gold hoops was already a dead giveaway. They also went snorkeling and did a lot of underwater making out, which definitely doesn’t look worth all the effort it requires.

During the evening portion of their date, Vanessa decided she was going to tell Nick she was falling in love with him. Nick gave her what can only be described as the most long-winded “Um, thanks, I like you too” response ever, and Vanessa was less than pleased.


The group date this week was extremely important because it was the only date where a rose was up for grabs — meaning whoever received it was guaranteed a hometown date next week. Kristina, Corinne and Raven were chosen for the group date, which once again consisted of spending the day on a yacht. Clearly not a whole lot else to do in Bimini.

The tension sparked between Kristina and Corinne — who, by the way, has been on, like, way bigger boats before [hairflip] — the second Nick started to rub sunscreen on Kristina’s inner thigh. Then things got even more dramatic when they jumped off the boat to swim with sharks and Kristina totally chickened out, prompting Nick to rush to her side and comfort her, abandoning the two other women in the water.

Corinne was entirely too focused on the attention Nick was giving Kristina, which Raven used to her advantage in order to slip completely under the radar for almost the entire date — until she won the rose. This girl knows how to play the game.


Danielle M. was the very first girl to score a one-on-one date this season. If you thought that meant she and Nick would have tons to catch up on since it had been a while, you are sadly mistaken.

This date got awkward when Nick and Danielle ran out of things to talk about within five minutes. Then it got even more uncomfortable when Danielle started to talk about her dead fiancé right around the same time Nick realized he was going to be sending her home.

Danielle: “It’s scary because the last time I was in love with someone they died.”

And there went Nick, doing that thing again. You know, that thing where he looks incredibly pained and refuses to make eye contact. He did it with Danielle L. after she told him she was falling for him right before he eliminated her, and he did it with Danielle M. this week. The Danielles are cursed!

Nick: “I’m sorry. You’re just so great.”

Danielle: “Not great enough.”

That was almost too painful to watch.


After Danielle was sent home, Corinne decided it was time to take matters into her own hands to secure her spot this week. Remember, her heart is gold, but her vagine is platinum, people.

Corinne got all dressed up in skintight black pants, a plunging shirt and heels she couldn’t walk in and snuck off to surprise Nick in his room. They shared a bottle of champagne and started making out and Corinne promptly suggested they move the party from the living room into the bedroom.

There were no cameras in the bedroom, but both of them were still mic’ed so we got to hear lots of tongue action followed by Nick asking Corinne to “slow down” because as “tempting” as she was, he’s learned that it’s “always best to wait in these instances.”

Wow, Nick actually kept it in the pants. Who knew he had that kind of self-control?


The next morning, Nick and Rachel spent the day enjoying Bimini at a “locals-only” bar. It only took one beer for Nick to oh-so-subtly ask Rachel if he was the first white guy she would be bringing home.

Nick: “Um, will I be similar to guys you’ve dated before? Will I be different? Be more specific!”

Turns out Rachel has dated white guys but never brought one home. Also her federal judge father likes to go by “Sir.” Godspeed, Nick.

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After Rachel and Nick’s date, Nick met up with Chris Harrison to let him know that he had made up his mind about which lady he would be sending home but that he didn’t want to do it at a traditional rose ceremony because he wanted their goodbye to be as “personal” and as “private” as possible. Not like it was going to be televised four months later or anything.

So Nick showed up at the girls’ villa and took Kristina outside for the dreaded breakup. Nick was crying, Kristina was crying — it was all very unpleasant. How many more of these do we have to get through?! Hang in there, Bachelor Nation. We’re almost at the finish line.

The Bachelor airs Mondays (8 p.m. ET) on ABC.