'Bachelor' Superfan Allison Williams Calls Villain Corinne a 'Gift That'll Keep Giving'

A certain A-lister is thoroughly enjoying Corinne Olympios' drama on this season of The Bachelor

Photo: Steve Zak Photography/FilmMagic; ABC

Even Allison Williams is a fan of Bachelor super-villain Corinne Olympios!

“There’s just so much to talk about [with Corinne],” the 28-year-old actress, who met her husband at a Bachelor viewing party, told E! News at the final season premiere of Girls in New York on Thursday. “She was on Ellen. I mean, her nanny and, like, cheese noodles or cheese pasta or whatever.”

Since the premiere of The Bachelor‘s 21st season, Olympios has definitely been one of the most talked-about contestants from Bachelor Nation. During an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show this week,Olympios, 24, was quick to defend her plan to win Nick Viall‘s heart.

“I was getting a lot of attention from Nick,” she admitted. “I was kind of doing me, and you know, the girls were getting really mad and starting to ignore me. I was like: ‘What am I doing?’ ”

“Because I didn’t do anything to anyone!” she added. “I mean, I had my time, you had your time, what’s the problem? He’s going to pick who he wants to pick. If you’re being yourself in your time, you’re being yourself in your time, just like I am. So I didn’t understand why everyone was getting all worried and upset about me. … I never looked at [the other women] as: ‘Wow, they’re my competition,’ because I was always doing me anyways.”

Williams (just like all of us) admitted she is thoroughly enjoying the drama-filled season.

“I have had the distinct pleasure of meeting Nick Viall, and I feel like he’s a really intelligent and articulate Bachelor, which is very exciting,” Williams said. “I think the women, for the most part, kind of raise the bar in terms of maturity and intellect. There’s a lot of degrees in there — not that I’m biased in that way, but it’s a more mature group, which I like. But it also means that they had to mine the drama. And there was Corinne.”

Added Williams, “Hopefully she’ll be a gift that’ll keep giving.”

According to host Chris Harrison, Olympios has a guaranteed spot on the next Bachelor in Paradise. That is, if Viall doesn’t give her the final rose.

“If Corinne is not with Nick at the end of this, I will be packing her bags at the end of this,” Harrison told E! News. “I will pack her bags, I will carry her plus one carryon with me. I will bring her nanny down. If she doesn’t come to Paradise I will be heartbroken.”

“I know she rubbed people the wrong way, and she got kind of sexual and used her sexuality in a way that was a bit of a turn off, but she’s a smart cookie,” he added. “And if you pay attention to what she’s doing, she’s playing this very well, Nick really likes her, she’s a strong independent woman, and I think the tide is starting to turn. People are going to kind of fall in love with Corinne.”

The Bachelor airs Mondays (8 p.m. ET) on ABC.

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