The former Bachelor lead and wife Catherine give their thoughts on this season and their unconventional plans for Valentine's Day this year

This season on The Bachelor, fans have had to endure a whole lot of talk regarding Bachelor Colton Underwood’s virginity. References are made each and every episode, and apparently, the fans aren’t the only Bachelor viewers who think the producers are pushing Colton’s virginity storyline a bit too far.

Sean Lowe, the season 17 Bachelor, confesses to PEOPLE that he, too, has gotten sick of the innuendo about Underwood’s lack of sexual experience: “It’s just at nauseam at this point.”

Calling the ex-NFL player a “great guy,” Lowe says it’s time for the show to tell a different story.

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“Let’s move on, let’s start talking about more things Colton has to offer than just the virginity angle,” he says while promoting Subway’s Valentine’s Day pop-up.

Lowe’s wife, Catherine Guidici (whom he picked on his season and married in 2014) is enjoying Underwood’s performance thus far on The Bachelor.

“I think he’s doing a great job of managing the girls and showing them that he is vulnerable,” she tells PEOPLE. “I love to think of him as another Sean Lowe.”

Sean Lowe & Catherine Giudici Lowe
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The parents to sons Samuel, 2, and Isaiah, 8 months, were noticeably absent during this season’s premiere during the packages featuring updates on the still-together couples.

“We got peppered with questions about that,” Lowe says. “Honestly, our schedules just got super busy with the kids. There was no time for them to fly down and do a segment with us.”

They do have time to plan for Valentine’s Day next month. The Lowes are teaming up with Subway to give fans a low-key yet delicious Valentine’s Day, and the fans can spend it with the Bachelor couple themselves.

“Subway is having an ultimate Valentine’s Day, breaking the rules experience.” Giudici explains. “We’re hosting in Dallas and it’s going to be a really fun event where you can bring your Valentine, you can bring your mom, you can bring your friend.”

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Giudici expressed her excitement of having a low-key Valentine’s Day, and how it can be something fun for everyone.

“There’s no pressure for the buttoned-up Valentine’s Day that a lot of people experience feel pressured to do. I feel like when you’re expecting or needing expectations of really fancy plans, it never goes right. So, let’s just have some fun,” she says.

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The menu item Sean and Catherine are most excited for? That would be the cheesy garlic bread, which Sean describes as “phenomenal.”

“We are celebrating the launch of the ultimate cheesy garlic bread sandwiches, the meatball marinara and the spicy Italian. I was a Subway fan to begin with, but this is just taking it to another level,” he says.

The couple hopes for plenty of Dallas natives to come out and celebrate this Valentine’s Day with them. The event will be held at the Omni Dallas Hotel in Downtown Dallas on Feb. 14 from 6-9 p.m.

Sean Lowe & Catherine Giudici Lowe
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And while fans can hang out with Sean and Catherine that night, don’t expect to see them on your TV screens anytime soon.

“We have set up a really beautiful life where we both work from home and we are with our kids every day.” Lowe says about the possibility of returning to reality TV. “You can expect to see more, fun Instagram videos, but as far as television, probably not.”

With two sons so far, Giudici confesses she may be ready to add a girl to the mix.

“I think having a girl would be really fun and sweet. I never expected I would want a girl so badly, but I have my boys, so I think I’m ready for a girl,” she says.

In addition, the fan-favorite couple shared some advice for any future Bachelor couples who wish for the happy ending they have achieved.

“I think just focus on each other,” Giudici says. “I think there’s a really unique spot that you’re in, on the show. Not many people can relate to you, so I think just stick with your buddy.”

“Don’t let the other stuff consume your life,” Lowe adds. “It’s not going to be there forever, but hopefully the woman you just proposed to is going to be there forever.”

Fans interested in Sean & Catherine’s Subway Valentine’s Day can learn more about the event and RSVP here.

The Bachelor airs Monday at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.