"It'll be very different from what you've seen us do before," Catherine says of their time on Marriage Boot Camp

By Christina Dugan
Updated November 20, 2015 05:25 PM
Credit: Bill Matlock/ABC

Nearly two years into their marriage, Sean and Catherine Lowe are still taking strides to better their relationship.

With the premiere of WEtv’s Marriage Boot Camp around the corner, the couple admits that fans are going to see a side of their relationship that they tend to keep private.

“It’ll be very different from what you’ve seen us do before,” Catherine told PEOPLE at the WEtv’s Marriage Boot Camp and Ex Isle Premiere Party in Los Angeles on Thursday. “I think every couple need to improve on their communication, their trust.”

The former Bachelor, who married Catherine in 2014, previously acknowledged he was reluctant to join the cast but that his wife was what got him through it.

“I was hesitant going in. The very first day of filming, I was like ‘Get me out of here,’ ” said Sean, 32. “Because we’re thrown into a house full of people that are very loud and love conflict and that is totally not us. Catherine, she kind of convinced me to stay because she really had a heart for the people. I kind of jumped on that bandwagon a couple days later.”

The couple, who are known to show their affection towards one another via social media, wants to clear the air about their reasoning behind attending the boot camp.

“I think [fans] are going to be confused as to why we’re on the show,” Catherine said. “Again, we’re going to just continue to work on our relationship. No matter how great it is, you have to continue to get better. I hope they see that.”

Though there was some second thoughts on joining the show, Sean admits that their time at the boot camp was well worth it.

“We can get through anything,” he said. “We’re talking about boot camp. It was a really, really difficult two weeks for both of us … me especially. I just relied on my wife to really carry me through a lot of it and to motivate and inspire me to stay and not go home because I felt so uncomfortable. So, just that alone, I think strengthened our marriage.”

Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars premieres Dec. 4 on WEtv.