Bachelor Peter Weber Says Victoria Fuller Is 'So Worthy of Love' Despite Rocky Relationship

"I hope that she never forgets that," Peter Weber told PEOPLE after the Women Tell All taping last month

Peter Weber still has hope for Victoria Fuller.

During Monday’s The Bachelor: Women Tell All episode, the 28-year-old pilot — who sent Fuller home during the rose ceremony that was shown within the episode — sat down with her and discussed what wrong in their relationship.

“I really enjoyed that moment with her and her coming up and having that conversation,” Weber told PEOPLE after the WTA taping last month. “We definitely had a struggle with communication throughout our relationship on the show. But I could see just in that month or two months since we ended our relationship, the growth in her, and seeing that she has really just taken a lot of lessons in her articulation, with her communication. It was definitely on point tonight, and that was really cool for me to see. I think she knows it now. That girl, she’s so worthy of love just like everyone is. And I hope that she never forgets that.”


Sitting down with host Chris Harrison, Fuller said she was “frustrated” with herself and the way she treated Weber.

“I didn’t realize how much he cared about me,” she said. “You don’t get to see the other relationships with the other women. It breaks my heart. I wish I would’ve let him love me like he wanted to sooner. I think it would’ve been a lot different. But I can’t go back.”

“It has been the biggest learning experience for me,” she added. “I can’t change the past. I can only move forward. I hate some of the ways that I acted. All I can do is grow from here and move forward and apologize to him.”


Later, Fuller got the opportunity to speak with Weber for the first time since being sent home.

“First and foremost, I just want to say thank you for how patient you were with me this whole season,” she said. “Watching back it was, like how was he dealing with me. Also, I’m sorry. I put you through hell. You didn’t always deserve it.”

“For me, the relationship that I know we had, those are moments that I will cherish forever,” she later added. “I knew I saw something in you that I didn’t want to give up on. I’m happy I didn’t. I wish you all the best.”

From her past relationship with country music singer Chase Rice to her involvement in an offensive ad campaign, Fuller has had her share of controversy this season. But,the 26-year-old Virgina native said she’s learning to forgive herself.

“I’m working on it,” she told Harrison. “It’s hard because at the end of this, I’m going through a breakup. I’m thinking I’m going to be engaged. Then I come back and people are going to have their opinion about me, but at the same time, I’m going through a breakup, and on top of that, it’s all this hate. It’s hard all the time.”

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