Bachelor Peter Weber's Brother Says Madison Prewett Is 'Far' Different from Her TV Portrayal

"Half these people don't even have the slightest clue as to how far Madi is from what the TV shows," Jack Weber said

Peter Weber‘s little brother has some thoughts about this week’s shocking two-part Bachelor finale.

Jack Weber has been weighing in on the drama in the comments section of his latest Instagram post, defending his mother Barbara Weber for her outspoken critique of Peter’s relationship with Madison Prewett.

In response to a fan who said reality TV portrays “everyone and everything how they want for views and drama,” Jack wrote, “Dude facts.”

“Half these people don’t even have the slightest clue as to how far Madi is from what the TV shows,” he continued. (A rep for Prewett had no comment.)

Jack Weber, Madison Prewitt
Jack Weber/Iinstagram; Francisco Roman/Getty I
Jack Weber, Madison Prewitt
Jack Weber//Instagram

After someone called Barbara’s behavior “appalling,” Jack fired back, “Did you ever once think that there is a reason why only the family who has actually met this girl in person and knows what goes on behind the cameras has a different opinion? You need to learn how reality TV works.”

He also shut down another viewer’s claim that the family only had limited time with Prewett, writing, “If you think I only talked to her for 5 minutes then you really have no idea how this show works.”

Jack Weber, Madison Prewitt
Jack Weber//Instagram
Jack Weber, Madison Prewitt
Jack Weber//Instagram

And he clapped back at another viewer who called his “morals” into question.

“Caring about my brothers future and trying to offer advice because I might actually know him a little better than you? … reallllll bad morals over here,” he wrote.

Jack Weber, Madison Prewitt
Jack Weber//Instagram

On the season finale, Jack, Barbara and Peter Sr. advised Peter to choose Hannah Ann Sluss over Prewett, expressing their concerns that Peter and Prewett had conflicting lifestyles and values. Prewett decided to walk away from the show before the final rose ceremony.

Though Peter did propose to Sluss, one month later, he ended the engagement over his unresolved feelings for Prewett. The two reunited during the live portion of the finale on Tuesday, admitting that they still loved each other and were taking their relationship “one step at a time” — despite Barbara’s vocal protests and prediction that her son would “have to fail to succeed.”

The Bachelor
ABC/John Fleenor

Just two days later, Peter and Prewett announced that they had “mutually decided” not to pursue their relationship any further.

Barbara, for her part, has said she will “absolutely not” apologize for her actions.

“There’s nothing for me to apologize for,” she told Life & Style. “Everyone thinks it’s just me … but it wasn’t just me. It’s the whole family. It’s not that we did not like Madison. My answer to that is I don’t know Madison … I don’t know her well enough to form an opinion on such.”

Barbara Weber, Madison Prewett
John Fleenor/ ABC (2)

Even host Chris Harrison admitted he was surprised by Barbara’s approach, though he said he’s hopeful that the family can get back on track.

“I was really surprised and shocked and a little saddened by that,” he told PEOPLE at the launch of his Seagram’s Escapes Tropical Rosé on Wednesday in Los Angeles. “I’m not saying Barb’s right or wrong, but the timing and the way it was put, maybe not the best. And you know, I don’t know if she regrets it. You’d have to talk to Barb.”

“I’m a big believer in time and this too shall pass,” he continued. “I hope their love and their faith is strong enough that they will amicably come back together and maybe I’ll help them do that.”

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