October 05, 2017 03:04 PM

Almost a month after the season 4 Bachelor in Paradise finale, we’re happy to report that Raven Gates and Adam Gottschalk are going strong.

Gates, 26, and Gottschalk, 27, started dating this summer while filming the Bachelor spin-off, which places the cast in an elaborate game of romantic musical chairs in Mexico.

Though they didn’t wrap the show with an engagement like their costars Derek Peth and Taylor Nolan, Gates and Gottschalk are still happily together, and their Instagram feeds are both filled with adorable photos.

“My first time in San Fransisco, so @adam_gottschalk rented a motorcycle & took me sight seeing to to the Golden Gate Bridge,” Gates shared Thursday.

Last week, Gates posted photos of the two enjoying some time at Malibu Wine Safaris, and earlier in September she shared a few pictures from her trip to Dallas, where Gottschalk lives. (She lives in Arkansas.)

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During an interview with Entertainment Tonight last month, the couple opened up about how they’ve made things work post-Paradise.

“We’ve had so many conversations about real life and what we were going to do,” Gates said. “I think we just stayed on the same page about everything.”

“I think it’s A, communication and B, giving as much as you receive,” Gottschalk said. “The fact that we have flexibility in our jobs to take a weekend off to see each other or travel to some place that we have the ability to do allows the relationship to [keep] moving forward. I think that’s special.”

“That’s so true,” she added. “A lot of Bachelor couples don’t have the luxury that Adam and I have, that we can free our schedules up because I own my own business, he has a really flexible schedule, and so we’re able to see each other more frequently than regular couples.”

But would Gates consider making the move to Dallas?

“I’m considering it,” she revealed. “There’s some moving pieces with my business that I have to figure out, but I’m open to expanding. And he’s in real estate, so he can look for a nice building to make some money in.”

“Team work makes the dream work!” he said.

As for an engagement, however, the two agreed that they’re taking it slow.

“We’re taking it day by day,” Gottschalk said. “We live in today, but we prepare for tomorrow. As far as an engagement, it’s something that we’ve talked about. I think that when the time is right, we’ll be ready to take that step and everyone is going to be excited to see that.”

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