By Reagan Alexander
October 24, 2010 04:45 PM

They set out into the reality-show wilderness looking for love – one on The Bachelor and the other on The Bachelorette – and they both ended up as hard-luck runners-up. Then they put their hearts aside and teamed up to chase a cash prize on Bachelor Pad, and once again fell just shy of the top spot. But according to Tenley Molzahn, she and beau Kiptyn Locke have put their silver-medal days behind them.

“Kiptyn is one of the greatest things that has happened to me,” she told PEOPLE while at the 1154 LILL Studio Bags, Braids and Boobs Design-A-Bag for Breast Cancer event in Beverly Hills recently. “We make a really good team, and we’re going for the gold someday, and hopefully we’ll do that together.”

After a crash course in disappointment on Jake Pavelka’s season of The Bachelor, Molzahn, 26, has decided that dating shouldn’t be about futility as much as much as it should be about finality, and she’s confident she’s found “The One” in Locke, 32.

“You need to date the ones that you think you can marry,” she says. “I don’t believe in dating someone if you can’t see them in your future. I think that dating someone is all about getting to know somebody so that they can become part of your future and not just a part of your past.”

Their secret to happiness in a relationship starts with not having a slew of camera’s around, mixed with plenty of laughter, and ends with Locke showing off the piloting skills that Pavelka never had.

“On those shows you go straight into meeting the parents and talking about marriage, and there’s so much pressure,” Molzahn says. “But with the two of us together it’s just laughter all night long. We can stay in and we’ll end up doing circus tricks! We do the airplane thing where he has me flying by holding me up by his legs.”

And though her sights are set on taking the “gold,” Molzahn is thankful for her relationship with Locke regardless of where they end up.

“We’re both very open to what this could be,” she says with a smile. “Marriage someday, babies someday, and if not, we’ll be fine with that because there’s so much more to Kiptyn than I think people realize. He’s so attentive and supportive, he has blessed me in my life right now.”