'Bachelor Pad' 's Krisily: Why I Lost My Faith (and Interest) in Dave

Photo: Kevin Foley/ABC

Krisily Kennedy, 30, and Wes Hayden, 33, were sent packing this week after a tear-filled survey challenge forced the contestants to come clean about their castmates. Standing by her harsh last words to the remaining contestants after she was eliminated, Kennedy spoke to reporters about her thoughts on being betrayed by Dave, his relationship with Natalie and who she hopes wins the final rose. –Melody Chiu

One of the things that you said after you were eliminated was not to trust anybody. Who do you think it was that you trusted that you shouldn t have?
In the end, I don t think it would ve made a difference at all. I did definitely have my faith in Dave Goode a little bit. He and I did have a bond where each week we would talk about who we were voting for. So, I really trusted him. I had been nervous at every single rose ceremony and that one I felt pretty safe in – and clearly I wasn t.

This game is so different from the actual Bachelor. What is it going to take to win?
What’s funny is that I ve gotten e-mails from so many who had watched the first season and said, ‘God, Krisily, you re so tame this season.’ But you have to be. It s a totally different dynamic. The person that I respected the most in the game, and I think has played it the best, is Peyton. She sat back and she made her friendships but she wasn t too outspoken. I think that my mouth is definitely what got me in trouble – as usual.

Are you still interested in Dave after what happened last night?
No, no, no, no. Dave s a great guy. I definitely lost interest in Dave after seeing the fantasy suite episode with Natalie, I will not lie. I am all set with sloppy seconds.

Do you think that relationship will last?
I don t. I do like Natalie. She is a free spirit and she doesn t really care what think, which I think is great because I am like that myself. I just wouldn t put myself in the situations that she does, so I don t necessarily foresee that relationship being anything too longterm.

Do you regret not siding with Wes?
I had joined that group–the outsiders–and we fell apart and no one was sharp enough to actually follow through with what they said. My strategy was to figure out who the majority vote was and go with them and figure out how to save myself each week. Kiptyn, Kovacs and Dave were the majority vote that last rose ceremony, and unfortunately Kiptyn chose not to save me … so, unfortunately, going with the majority did not help me at all.

Was there anything that surprised you?
When I had my final chance to say my peace with everyone, for Dave to say … my exit wasn t classy, that kind of surprised me a little bit. They all know that I am a woman of my word and I will say how I feel and not think twice about it. I think that was the most surprising thing for me was that statement. Nothing else surprises me when I watch it. I know that everybody talks about each other behind their backs.

Who do you want to win?
If I could choose anyone in the house to win, it would be Peyton. I think that she is a good, genuine person. I think that she s played the game with nothing but respect. She hasn t been shady or sneaky or anything. She’s someone that I would 100-percent be friends with outside of the house.

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