The contestants discuss all that led up to their elimination

By Carrie Bell
September 08, 2011 12:15 PM
Craig Sjodin/ABC

Despite putting up quite a fight in The Nearlywed Game challenge, law student Erica Rose, 28, and dentist Blake Julian, also 28, were sent packing from the Bachelor Pad on Monday. The doomed duo spoke with reporters about house hook-ups – both good and bad – failed strategy and why they saved Kasey and Vienna.

What would you have done differently?
Blake: I don t think we were ready for the amount of emotional depth and strategy involved. Partner selection would have been considered much more carefully on my part.
Erica: The first two weeks I wasn t playing the game, wasn t thinking for myself and was just voting the way Kasey told me. If I could go back in time, I would start thinking early on.

Did smooching Melissa kill your game early on?
Blake: I definitely regret kissing Melissa [because] her strong emotional reaction was a pretty big death blow to get away from. It followed me constantly. She rallied the whole house against me.

Was her reaction justified in any way?
Blake: I never meant to lead Melissa on. We discussed before the date that I wasn t looking for a relationship. I thought she understood so I was really shocked by her response [to me] flirting with another girl.

Did you changed your mind for Holly?
Blake: It wasn’t so much a logical decision. It was just a feeling. If Michael hadn’t been there, we would have ended up partners and definitely have had more fun.

Should you have waited to pursue her outside the house for Michael s sake?
Blake It never crossed my mind to ignore her. It seemed like an impossibility. Everyone has exes. Unfortunately her ex was in the same house. She told me repeatedly she was single. He admitted they weren t together.

Were you aware Michael was still that into Holly?
Blake: Michael and I never became friends. He never confided in me. I didn t see what he was going through.

Were you surprised Holly voted you off?
Blake: No. She was torn, but Michael was her teammate. I felt bad putting her in a position where she had to choose.

Were you ashamed when you realized how aggressively you came on to Blake?
Erica: I know I was coming on strongly, but sometimes I like to push the envelope and I had good reasons. I thought it’d be good to keep Blake away and give the illusion that he wasn’t interested in Holly anymore. If I would have known that Blake and Holly were developing such strong feelings for each other, I wouldn’t have interfered. I believe in girl code. They’re cute.

Why give the roses to Kasey and Vienna?
Blake: Kasey and Vienna claimed to have the most influence the whole time. It was a last ditch effort to have them put their money where their mouth was and unfortunately they were broke.
Erica: We were trying to do what was best for us strategically. In their minds, they were running the house. They had no idea their alliance wouldn’t listen.

Were Kasey and Vienna really that good at the game?
Erica: They were very good at the game. He won’t give you a chance to talk to anyone. He gets on you and in your head saying things like, “I can visualize us being the final four.” It makes me mad because we’re both more intelligent than Kasey.