Find out who took home the quarter-million dollar prize

By Rennie Dyball
September 12, 2011 11:00 PM
Craig Sjodin/ABC

After six weeks of tears, teams and a new romance-turned-engagement, the second season of Bachelor Pad concluded Monday night.

Kasey Kahl and Vienna Girardi were the early frontrunners of the game, and of the eight contestants at the end, readers thought Ella Nolan and Kirk Dewindt were the most deserving of the $250,000 prize.

So which couple emerged victorious? Read on to find out!

They may not have been able to rekindle their romance, but on-again-off-again couple Holly Durst and Michael Stagliano beat out the remaining three couples to win Bachelor Pad.

Durst, 28, and Stagliano, 27, were once engaged to each other but Durst spent much of the reality competition flirting with Blake Julian – and the couple are now planning to marry.

But before the winners were named, the final four couples left the Bachelor Pad mansion for Las Vegas, where they competed in a Cirque du Soleil challenge.

A panel of former Bachelorette stars judged the contestants on their acrobatic routines – perfected in just 24 hours – and they awarded roses to Michael and Holly, while deeming Ella and Kirk the worst of the bunch, sending them home on the spot.

From there, Holly and Michael awarded the final two roses to Michelle and Graham.

A reunion of the housemates followed, and the surprises came one after another. First, Kasey apologizes to Jake for unfairly judging him. Then, Holly and Blake’s engagement is shown on air – and Michael gets blindsided by the news, delivered to him on camera.

Lucky for Michael, he gets some happier news next. All of the contestants from the pad vote for the couple they think deserve to win, and Michael and Holly beat out Michelle Money and Graham Bunn.

Finally, both finalists had to independently choose whether to split the money evenly or keep it for themselves.

“Weddings are expensive, last I checked,” quipped Michael before the pair revealed that they both chose to split the money.

And they each went home $125,000 richer.