'Bachelor Pad' : Tenley and Kiptyn Predict More Trouble for Vienna and Kasey

The veterans share their take on episode three of the competition

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As the game dwindles down to the bare essentials, so does the swimwear. Synchronized swimming? Brilliant!

Last year during Bachelor Pad we all kept talking about how great it would be to use this pool for one of the challenges. From swim relays to biggest-splash contests to underwater-lap contests, we did it all. However, the long awaited official Bachelor Pad pool challenge never came to season 1. Which was a bummer too because I (Kiptyn) had my Speedo ready for action.

Thankfully, a highly entertaining pool challenge came splashing down this season here on episode 3. And now the Bachelor mansion has officially seen it all and can put that ever-elusive final check-mark in the historically blank column labeled, “seven grown men chant ‘flutter, flutter, flutter, flutter.’ ”

While the pool challenge was mostly laughs and smiles, the rest of this week’s episode was filled with tears and trouble. Trouble these days seems to find couples specifically. Watching Kasey and Vienna fight again this week was brutal. They’ve both said that the root of their conflict stems from Jake being in the house. Now that Jake has gone home, can we expect to have seen the last of the Kasey and Vienna clashing? We really hope so for their sake and their housemates’ sake, but we fear that this relationship is a frequent flyer in the danger zone and the pilot isn’t to blame (if you catch our drift).

If you missed last week’s episode, then our friends Holly and Michael say you need not worry, they’ll recreate it for you this week. Michael wins the challenge, chooses three girls for the date, Michael gives Holly the date rose and then they proceed to have a very real, very raw emotional conversation. However, for your viewing pleasure they’ve mixed in one live serenade from none other than Bret Michaels (yes, we checked our television channel as well).

While Holly and Michael are still working to understand their past relationship, they’re doing one thing that leads to Bachelor Pad gold that some others are forgetting to do: It appears they’ve found a way to keep their emotions separate from their partnership in this game.

Let’s talk about another partnership that has developed and looks to have a chance in the love department as well. Graham and Michelle seemed to align strategically early on but in this week’s episode we saw that alliance explore a possible romance. We’re excited to see where two of our favorites take this budding relationship.

It’s interesting to see this year how almost every single person is now coupled up (strategically at least) and partnerships are known to be the way to the money. As mentioned in the closing of last week’s blog, trust is that key ingredient that can prevent a recipe for disaster and will prove to be the key to winning. We predict that the couples with the strongest foundation of trust will be there in the end to contend for the $250,000.

Bachelor Pad episode four last year was our first date together. We have heard that a new romance starts next week that turns everything upside down. We can’t wait to see!

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