"The kissing contest is as much about heart and brains as it is about lips," Tenley and Kiptyn say

By Tenley Molzahn and Kiptyn Locke
Updated August 30, 2011 09:20 AM
Sara De Boer/Startraks

Last week we learned that every rose has its thorn. This week on Bachelor Pad we learned that some roses actually have daggers. Two and a half new relationships were over-powered by the devastatingly loud snap of one broken man (Michael). Hearts don’t break quietly.

This week opened with the closing of last week’s rose ceremony. Some departing words from Jake led us all to believe that this week would be all about strategy and the game. One sleep-deprived night later, however, the Bachelor Pad residents awoke to two words you never want to hear coming from Chris Harrison: “kissing contest.” (While it was said that this was a favorite challenge from last year we can assure you that was not the consensus around the house.)

The kissing contest is as much about heart and brains as it is about lips. Now more then ever, it’s important to make the right decision about how to handle this challenge as there is an existing relationship and a recent engagement present in the house. Do you put all circumstances out of mind and focus in on the money or do you tell yourself that some things are more important then money? Personally, we feel it’s a no-brainer – respect your housemates first and keep your character intact.

Blake unfortunately gets a F in “Keeping The Peace: 101” but does however get an A in “Creative Art” as he finds a way to paint his own back with a colorful and bright target come next week. If we’ve learned anything in this game it’s that if you shake the house then the house ships you out. This week’s results confirm this theory, as “Hurricane Melissa” was re-routed to avoid further destruction.

Enough about the thorns and daggers, lets talk about the roses. Kirk and Ella really shined this week, both in the love and money department. Maybe this connection came from a strategic standpoint but you can’t help but appreciate the chemistry between these two. Individually we see two very likeable people. Together we see a strong couple that could soar to new heights, especially if the show producers would take the dang ropes off the hot air balloon! C’mon production, let the kids fly!

Hats off to Graham and Michelle, who seem to quietly be continuing their new relationship while continuing to build respect within the house. Furthermore, we have to tip our hats to Kasey and Vienna, because they appeared to have a pretty drama-free week as well.

As we wrap up this week we say goodbye to William. We, however, feel a bit robbed here as we don’t feel like we ever got to say hello to William. The good news is he appeared to be well liked by all his fellow housemates. Four weeks in the Bachelor Pad somehow translated to just four minutes of airtime for William. Oh well, at least the comedian is leaving with his head held high, pockets empty as they may be.

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