Craig Sjodin/ABC
July 24, 2012 08:00 AM

Bachelor Pad‘s season 3 kicked off with plenty of drama Monday night. But there’s even more that you didn’t see.

In this clip (watch below), which ABC did not air, twins Brittany and Erica Taltos, two of the show’s super fans, let the other residents in on their sibling rivalry.

When Erica calls her sister a “hot mess,” Brittany whines, “I’ve never said one bad thing about you ever.”

Soon the accusations and insults are flying, and Kalon McMahon, whose outspoken ways got him into trouble on The Bachelorette, asks, “Can someone take her batteries out, please?”

“I’m going to talk as much as I want just to annoy the hell out of you,” Erica says.

The Taltos twins may not last long on the competition for $250,000 unless they can continue to earn immunity, which they had for the first elimination that sent home super fans Chris Bain and Paige Vigil.

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