"Can you have our help? Are you stupid?" Vienna Girardi's boyfriend Kasey Kahl retorts
Credit: Matt Sayles/AP

It’s no surprise that tensions are already flaring up on the second season of Bachelor Pad.

Monday’s episode finds underdog Jake Pavelka begging for a lifeline from his ex-fiancee Vienna Girardi and her new boyfriend Kasey Kahl to stave off elimination.

“There’s about a 90 percent chance that I’m going home tonight,” Pavelka admits. “I am in trouble. You guys are basically the only ones that can save me.”

“Can you have our help? Are you stupid?” Kahl retorts.

On the season premiere, Pavelka extended an olive branch to Girardi in the form of the immunity rose – a move fellow contestant Justin Rego called “the stupidest move in the game.”

Pavelka said he wants to avoid elimination because he hopes to donate the $250,000 winnings to charity.

“Whatever he’s trying to pull, he’s still going home,” according to Girardi. “We want him off.”