'Bachelor Pad' Vets Tenley Molzahn and Kiptyn Locke Size Up Season 2

"The drama-meter has been upgraded from lukewarm to boiling," the couple say in their blog

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A year ago the two of us were in the Bachelor mansion competing for $250,000. While we’re no strangers to this game, Bachelor Pad season 2 appears to come with new dynamics and unexpected twists sure to keep us all guessing. We’ve become friends with many on both sides of this game, so now we’re looking forward to sitting back with you each week, rooting and reacting as hopefully the most deserving competitors make their way to a $250,000.

Bunkmates are still being chosen, friends and enemies are being sorted, the first challenge has barely been completed and already we have just witnessed the most important elimination of the game, the “control” elimination.

A line in the sand has been drawn and two sides have been formed. Lets call team 1 “Majority Vote” (a.k.a. the side that has a chance of winning $250,000) and Team 2 “Minority Vote” (a.k.a. the side who is now playing for free drinks, a sun tan and if they’re lucky a new relationship … or a hot tub makeout session).

See, on last year’s original Bachelor Pad the first elimination was driven by household cohesiveness as opposed to sides and strategy. We, alongside our castmates, collectively eliminated a man and woman who had ruffled the feathers of fellow housemates. Remember my (Tenley) debacle with Michelle and the Juan-Nikki relationship gone bad? Granted, other housemates had their reasons for voting that way as well. It wasn’t until week two that the concept of forming two sides really came into play. I (Kiptyn) almost learned this the hard way, barely escaping getting sent home after a power play to break-up perceived sides.

So far it looks like game play and strategy will follow in the footsteps of last year. However, already the drama-meter has been upgraded from lukewarm to boiling!

Why you ask?

Well, this season was cast for drama: Bachelor Pad chefs have cooked up a recipe for TV ratings deliciousness. One part public brawl (Vienna and Gia), two parts broken engagement (Holly and Michael, Vienna and Jake), two parts season leading villain (Michelle and Justin), three parts recent season spice (Jackie, Alli, Melissa and Blake, Ames, William), mixed with fan favorites, heartthrobs and hopeless romantics. Sprinkle in a few parts “new relationship” and you’ve got a reality TV cocktail sure to tempt you with a full season of intoxication.

Where does this weekly intoxication lead us?

We’re predicting that “Team Majority” will now pick off the members of “Team Minority” one-by-one. In this game, control is king. After that, it will come down to alliances and once again the alliance with the greatest number of members will survive.

But we predict it won’t only be about the game. Episode one has already given us a sneak peek of people after redemption, broken hearts to be mended and budding new romances. All of these components complicate the game play and we’re sure to see plenty of tears and conflicted hearts.

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