'Bachelor' Alum Sarah Herron Wants Nick Viall for Next 'Bachelor' : 'He Definitely Knows How to Stir the Pot'

Of Viall's ex Kaitlyn Bristowe, Herron says, "It's awesome that a woman can go on that show and be herself and not be what America wants her to be"

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From The Bachelor to Bachelor in Paradise to online dating, Sarah Herron has truly dated across all platforms.

With that expertise in mind, Herron is weighing in with an unexpected choice for who should be next season’s Bachelor: Nick Viall.

Herron, 29, tells PEOPLE she is “good friends” with Kaitlyn Bristowe‘s runner-up and thinks he would be “interesting in the same way Kaitlyn was” if he were to be selected as the next Bachelor (an appointment which has yet to be confirmed by ABC).

“I think he would keep it real, and it would be exciting,” says Herron of the controversial suitor, 34. “You never know what to expect with Nick, so I just know he would keep you on your toes, and he’s definitely provocative and knows how to stir the pot.”

Herron – who was a contestant on Sean Lowe‘s season of The Bachelor before appearing on season 1 of Bachelor in Paradise – says she can also get behind current fan favorite Ben Higgins: “He’s very cute and he seems to have a good heart and he’s wholesome.”

But more than anything, she’s Team Kaitlyn all the way. While Internet bullies spewed hate and death threats at Bristowe, 30, for her decision to have sex with Viall on the show, Herron says the former dance instructor is “possibly one of the best Bachelorettes we’ve had in a long time.”

“I think it’s awesome that a woman can go on that show and be herself and not be what America wants her to be,” she says. “We’re not all perfect and you have to explore and mess up and learn your experiences.”

It’s all part of the good will involved in being a citizen of Bachelor nation. “At the end of the day, we all love each and we’re all friends,” adds Herron of the show’s extended family. “I think we just want each other to be happy.”

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As for Herron’s own pursuit of happiness, the Los Angeles advertising executive has a definite jump on the competition now that the dating app Hinge has deemed her one of the 30 most eligible singles in her field.

“It’s cool to be recognized for not just being on a TV show but also for my professional standpoint,” Herron tells PEOPLE. “I’m really honored and excited.”

Since her Bachelor stints, Herron has gone on her fair share of dates with guys she’s met online using dating apps: “It’s always a little bit awkward, but kind of exciting. If nothing else, it’s a cool way to meet new people and open new doors,” she says, adding that it doesn’t matter whether she’s looking for love in front of a computer or a camera – both are “really tricky.”

“Dating people on television is a completely different ball game. I would say dating on Hinge and in the real world is much easier because you’re not forcing it,” she continues. “You have a little bit more say in finding the person you have something in common with, you get to be a little bit more discerning with your options, whereas on television – especially with one Bachelor – you don’t get much say in who they are and if they really fit the profile of the type of man you’re interested in. With Bachelor in Paradise you have a handful of guys but still the pool is much more limited.”

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