Ex-Girlfriends, Heartbreak and Lots of Sex — Nick Viall's Season of 'The Bachelor' Has It All

Viall picks a ring — but does he get down on one knee?

This season of The Bachelor kicked off with a bang on Monday night — but turns out the premiere drama was just the tip of the iceberg.

In an extended trailer for the rest of the season that aired at the end of Monday’s episode, Nick Viall goes through quite the emotional (and physical) roller coaster with the women — but he’s determined to find love.

“Everything has led to this moment,” he says in the trailer. “So that I can prove to America that if you don’t give up on love, eventually you’ll find it.”

“I was very much in love with Andi [Dorfman] and Kaitlyn [Bristowe], and I was really heartbroken both times,” he continues. “But I’m never going to give up on love and I believe that my heart is bringing me to the right place.”

As the trailer goes on, Viall, 36, travels across the world with the women, making out on yachts like there’s no tomorrow — and it’s safe to say these girls are smitten.

“I’m bursting with excitement to discover what could be there between us because he’s such a genuine guy,” says one contestant.

“There’s intrigue, there’s connection and there’s chemistry,” says another. “It just like, completely exceeded my expectations.”

“I admire Nick’s strength,” gushes Vanessa. “And he makes me feel so beautiful.”

And his connection with Rachel, who scored the first impression rose, definitely doesn’t fizzle out anytime soon.

“You’re rare — and refreshing,” she tells him as the two clink cups on a date in Finland, which would indicate she makes it quite far along in the competition.

There’s also the issue of an ex-girlfriend — but it’s not what you’re thinking.

“Nick was really receptive to my past relationship … with my ex-girlfriend,” reveals Jaimi. “It felt good to kind of set the stage for the rest of my time here.”

Of course, it’s not all rainbows and roses, and one girl in particular fuels the drama: Corinne, who is already being dubbed this season’s villain, certainly doesn’t scale back. In fact, in one scene, she fully takes her bikini top off and presses herself up against Viall — in front of the other women.

“She’s very aggressive sexually with you,” one contestant, Taylor, warns Nick at one point. (Though, admittedly, that probably isn’t the biggest dealbreaker for most guys.)

Viall and Corinne also get hot and heavy in a bouncy castle — yes, you read that right — and Corinne, unsurprisingly, clashes with her fellow contestants.

“Corinne, there have been times that I didn’t know if you had the maturity [for this],” says Taylor at one point.

“I run a multi-million dollar company and I don’t appreciate you treating me like a f—ing idiot,” Corinne shoots back.

There’s also the issue of Liz, the contestant that Viall previously had a one night stand with nine months before filming. Obviously, that secret gets out and, as suspected, the women aren’t pleased. (In fact, they all start crying. Hysterically. And one of them slaps Viall right across the face.)

But before too long, the trailer circles back to Corinne — and she’s a woman on a mission.

“I am not a runner-up,” she insists in one scene as she gets ready in a hotel bathroom. “And my sex abilities are definitely top-notch. So tonight I’m going to go see Nick and I’m going to have sex with him. It’s just going to be magical. My heart is gold — but my vagine is platinum.” (Yes. Those words really did come out of her mouth on national television. Unfortunately.)

Corinne’s arrival is a surprise to Nick, but she cuts right to the chase.

“What are you doing here?” he asks.

“I want to do a lot of things with you,” she says. “Everything. I would love to explore each other sexually.”

“Wait — woah, woah, woah,” says Viall — right before the door closes behind them.

Throughout the season, like most Bachelors, Viall ends up shedding quite a few tears.

“Maybe this was all just a huge mistake,” he says at one point. “I don’t know how it’s going to work out. It’s so much like my past — it’s hard not to feel beat down and defeated and discouraged and incredibly scared or worried knowing all the ways this could go wrong.”

“You know, I just want to be honest because … I just kind of felt like I hit a new low because I think my biggest fear right now is that the same thing could happen with you guys,” he tells the women in the next scene. ‘And I really want this to work out but I want it to be real and right and right now I just feel terrified that’s not going to happen.”

“It’s terrible,” says one contestant, Raven, tearfully. “He could potentially not have a wife at the end of this.”

Ultimately, however, a final rose ceremony does take place — and Viall even picks out a ring.

“I’ve been incredibly terrified that this isn’t going to work out,” he confesses. “But now I know that I want to spend the rest of my life with her.”

“If I’m rejected again, I’ll be heartbroken,” he adds. “So I hope she says yes.”

The Bachelor airs Mondays (8 p.m. ET) on ABC.

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