Bobby Jacobs confirmed the split on Instagram

By Natalie Stone
April 05, 2019 08:43 PM
Credit: Instagram/AmandaStanton

Bachelor Nation’s Amanda Stanton and her boyfriend Bobby Jacobs have split.

After almost a year since making their relationship Instagram official, the Bachelor/Bachelor in Paradise star and the pro beach volleyball player’s romance has come to an end.

In a series of comments on a photo shared to his private Instagram account last week, Jacobs confirmed his and Stanton’s breakup.

“I love them too and that’s why I’ll still be apart of there lives no matter what,” Jacobs, 33, wrote on an image of himself holding one of Stanton’s daughters, noting that he will remain in the lives of her children (from a previous relationship): Kinsley and Charlie. “Talked to them both on the phone last night and we’re taking them to Disneyland for Kinsley’s Bday.”

Bobby Jacobs and Amanda Stanton
| Credit: Amanda Stanton/Instagram

He also denied that their separation was a result of Stanton, 28, recently being hacked. (Earlier this week, Stanton tearfully revealed that a hacker had obtained topless photos of her from a previous breast augmentation procedure and was sending them to people she knows.)

“Not at all. I told her to bring it public weeks ago that way it wouldn’t shock so many people when they received the pictures,” said Jacobs. “A not so sharp attorney told her otherwise.”

According to E! News, which first reported the news, Stanton was “blindsided” by the split.

“Amanda was completely blindsided by all of this and thought that things between her and Bobby were going great,” a source told the outlet, which previously reported that the pair was “taking some space in their relationship,” but were “still technically together as a couple and recently moved in together.”

Stanton has not responded to PEOPLE’s requests for comment.

The split comes six months after the couple made headlines for Stanton’s domestic violence arrest.

This past fall, Stanton faced a rough patch when she was arrested on one count of battery domestic violence after an altercation with Jacobs in Las Vegas, Nevada, where she was attending a friend’s bachelorette party

In a previous statement obtained by PEOPLE in September, Stanton’s rep, Steve Honig, said, “Amanda continues to be embarrassed by her behavior and greatly regrets the incident ever occurred. She apologizes to everyone for the trouble she has caused and is very grateful for Bobby’s love and support.”

By December, her domestic violence case has been dismissed, the Clark County District Attorney’s Office confirmed to PEOPLE.

Since then, Stanton has frequently shared photos of Jacobs spending time with her and her daughters, including a recent trip to Dubai.

On Feb. 22, she opened up about the start of their relationship in an Instagram post.

“One year since my first date with this guy ✨ We texted for a few months & i flaked probably 5 times before we finally met. I had an extra ticket to a Cirque de Soleil show and invited him after bailing last minute on Valentines Day. I was nervous and wasn’t expecting to like him so I didn’t tell him my friend & her fiancé were also coming. So we picked him up and when he got in the car *surprise* it was a double date 😂🤷🏼‍♀️ (he didn’t act upset but told me later he was super bummed and thought it was really rude. So don’t recommend doing this!),” wrote Stanton.

“As soon as he got in the car and we started talking, it was instant emoji heart eyes. (He has the sexiest voice I’ve ever heard. It’s like deep & kinda monotone but in a HOT way…if that makes sense.) I left for Italy after that and didn’t see him again for about 3 weeks but when I got back we started seeing each other more and more until we were basically attached at the hip,” she continued. “The bottom line is, I’m an ass hole when it comes to dating but somehow I got lucky. He’s the sweetest, most gentle, honest, loyal and supportive guy I’ve ever met.”

She concluded: “I think I finally got it right this time 😍 thanks for loving me @bobbyjacobs.”

One month later, Stanton shared a smiling family photo, featuring Jacobs, and gushed about her boyfriend.

“Just one more because I’m obsessed with my kids and my boyfriend,” she wrote in March. “How lucky am I to get to hang out with these cuties everyday…like wut 😍🙌🏼.“