Craig Sjodin/ABC
June 09, 2015 03:00 PM

When it comes to breakups, Juan Pablo Galavis has a lot of experience.

The former Bachelor basically broke up with 17 women on the show to choose Nikki Ferrell. But that relationship didn’t work out, and the couple split in October.

Now that some time has passed, Galavis can laugh about it – and poke fun at his image in a short film, called How To Break Up With Your Girlfriend … by an Expert.

In the three-minute film, Galavis gives a friend several examples of ways to break up with a girlfriend: claiming to have a communicable disease, breaking up via text or simply saying “I’m gay.”

The short film – the second in a series of films produced by Dream In Motion Pictures, also stars Rafael De La Fuente, Reinaldo Zavarce and Keisha Kimball. Galavis’s brother, Rodrigo, was the associate producer.

As it turns out, Galavis was the one with the least acting experience – De La Fuente has a regular role on Empire, and Zavarce was in this year’s Don Quixote with James Franco.

Galavis, 33, tells PEOPLE that he was approached by Zavarce to participate in the film.

“He’s a great friend of mine and has been acting for many years,” Galavis tells PEOPLE. “He asked me, and I decided to do it.”

And how much of the video is based on real-life experiences? “It was a group idea to show different situations that has happened to all of us,” Galavis says.

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