After meeting in tropical Mexico, a summer wedding is only natural for the reality stars
Credit: Frederick M. Brown/Getty

It’s beach balls and wedding bells for Bachelor in Paradise lovebirds Lacy Faddoul and Marcus Grodd!

The reality stars, both 26, plan to make their showmance legal this summer.

“We have been going to lots of different venues, and our wedding is planned for this year in 2015 – hopefully in the summertime,” Faddoul told PEOPLE at the Season 19 premiere of The Bachelor on Monday night.

“We’re still 80/40 on the date, but, as far as our wedding, we’re really customizing it,” she continued.

Since most of Faddoul and Grodd’s love story – from the time they first met up until their engagement – played out in front of Bachelor Nation, the couple is adamant about including fans in their nuptials.

“Everybody has been so supportive of our [relationship],” Faddoul said.

Though Faddoul wouldn’t confirm whether the wedding will be televised, she had plenty to say about what will happen after the vows: “I’m excited to start a family!”

Grodd chimed in: “[Two] kids max. I come from a group of three, [and] we’re hectic for our parents, so I think two is good enough for us.”

In the meanwhile, they’re more than happy as a twosome.

“[We] fall in love more every day,” Grodd said. “We’re just really happy being able to be close to each other.”