'Bachelor in Paradise' 's Astrid Loch Moves to Canada to Be with Boyfriend Kevin Wendt

Bachelor in Paradise star Astrid Loch reveals she's moving to Canada to be with her boyfriend Kevin Wendt

Bachelor in Paradise stars Astrid Loch and Kevin Wendt are taking their relationship to a whole new level!

On Tuesday, Loch revealed she’s moving to Canada to be with her beau, 34.

“This summer I took a chance, quit my job, and packed up my apartment… 6 months later this PODS storage box and I are getting shipped to Canada,” Loch captioned the Instagram post, which shows the reality star, who can be seen in a black athleisure ensemble, closing a storage pod filled with all of her belongings.

“Hope you’re ready for me and all my stuff,” Loch added tagging Wendt’s Instagram account.

The lovebirds have been going strong ever since the Bachelor in Paradise finale aired in September.

And although they’ve been together less than a year, Wendt is confident Loch is the one.

“Even after we left Mexico, I know more about her than any of my exes combined,” Wendt previously told PEOPLE. “I think it works. If you take away your phone and everything and just replace it with an ocean and a person, where you’re just 24 hours a day … you’re gonna have a good chance of knowing in depth who they are.”

Astrid Loch/Instagram

During the season, viewers immediately identified with the sheer normalcy of the romance blossoming between the strapping firefighter and stunning plastic surgery office manager.

“I think the difference with us from the other couples, was all we did was laugh together. We laughed for a month straight,” Wendt says. “Everyone called us Mom and Dad.”

Astrid Loch and Kevin Wendt. Astrid Loch/Instagram

Even their most dramatic moment felt relatable. Wendt broke up with Loch because he panicked when faced with the decision to enter the Fantasy Suite — and then, whether to propose — after only a few short weeks of dating.

“I had just done that on the Winter Games, and it was something I wish I didn’t do,” he said of his time courting Ashley Iaconetti, who proceeded to get engaged to Jared Haibon in front of him in Paradise. (Loch admits to PEOPLE that the experience was a bit “awkward.”)

Astrid Loch and Kevin Wendt. Astrid Loch/Instagram

“So I didn’t even look at her,” Wendt continues of Loch. “It was very selfish of me. It was like, what do I want to do? I just wanted to go home. I was like, ‘I just need to leave. I don’t want to be talking about rings. I don’t want to be looking at rings.'”

“On TV, it looks dramatic,” Loch adds of their brief split. “But as we were leaving, I’m like, ‘Surely this isn’t the last conversation I’m gonna have with him.’ Like, this is not how we can end all of that.”

Sure enough, they reconciled shortly after, and have been inseparable ever since.

As for Loch’s big move to Toronto, it’s been in the making.

“Astrid is definitely falling in love with Toronto,” Wendt told PEOPLE in September. “That would be the place where we would live together. And we’re not going to just date for fun. I’m 34, she’s 28. We’re at the no BS stage.”

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