'Bachelor in Paradise' : Tia Booth and Colton Underwood Finally Define Their Relationship

Tia Booth and Colton Underwood finally decide what they want

Bachelor in Paradise

We’re back in Paradise for night 4, and if you were hoping that the will-they-won’t-they saga between Colton Underwood and Tia Booth was over, you have another thing coming.

Monday night’s episode picks up where last week left off: with Booth furious after learning Chris Randone kissed Krystal Nielson the same night he professed his feelings for her.

“We need to talk,” says Booth — and Randone seems to know exactly what it’s about (maybe because he bragged about his kiss to the entire group, but that’s just a guess).

“Oh god, all right,” he says as they walk off together.

Fried Goose

When the two first sit down to discuss the night’s events, Randone doesn’t deny what he did. Booth explains that she’s not mad about the actual kiss, she’s just upset because the kiss happened mere hours after telling Booth he was all-in on their relationship.

“That was real,” says Randone. “If I were offered a date card I would have denied it.”

Naturally, Booth is all kinds of confused.

“I spent time with Krystal last night and there was a moment, but it doesn’t change anything about how I feel about anyone,” says Randone. “I like you a lot.”

“I don’t believe you,” responds Booth. “It’s not just because of how I feel, it’s the f—— facts.”

“You’re just telling me s— you think I want to hear,” she adds.

Bachelor in Paradise

Just as Randone continues to try and convince Booth that it’s perfectly normal for him to kiss one girl while still pledging his loyalty to another, Nielson walks over.

“We’re talking about last night,” says Randone. “This whole thing is confusing.”

Randone also brings Underwood up, saying that he’s still confused about Booth’s status with him. At that, Booth tells Randone she’s no longer interested in pursuing a relationship with him.

“That’s fine, I mean I had already made the decision,” says Randone. “I was pulling myself out of this.”

And with Booth officially out, the path has been cleared for Nielson to get to Randone — and Nielson doesn’t seem phased by any of this.

“I’m so relieved,” she says. “Last night with Chris I felt such like a special spark and now Chris is available. We are on the same page.”

Chris Who?

Let’s make something clear: Booth and Underwood make Ross and Rachel look like relationship experts.

Minutes after Booth kicks Randone to the curb, she confesses that she still has feelings for Underwood.

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“After all this s— with Colton and calling him out for being indecisive, I’d rather have someone who is honest about being indecisive than a liar about being decisive,” she says.

And while everyone is supportive of Booth and Underwood maybe finally getting together, even they are ready for the back and forth to end.

As Jordan Kimball so eloquently puts it: “It’s time for someone to be a man, it’s time for someone to be a woman and it’s time for people to start defining what they want. Because I’m over it.”

And when Underwood turns down a date card from newcomer Jaqueline Trumbull, it seems like the stars have finally aligned for Underwood and Booth.

“I think that you and I owe each other an opportunity and a chance to really do this,” says Underwood. “We need to give this an honest go. I’m happy when I’m with you, I have fun when I’m with you. It’s effortless. I’m finally not scared.”

Underwood and Booth end the night with a kiss.

Bye Bye Brownie

As if the Underwood and Booth saga wasn’t dramatic enough, leave it to David Ravitz to stir the pot even more.

After Kimball and Jenna Cooper spend the night kissing and professing their feelings for each other, Ravitz swoops in for one last attempt to ruin their relationship. He gifts Cooper a giant stuffed dog that they name Brownie.

And the gesture quickly sends Kimball spiraling. He immediately walks over, grabs the dog and throws it into the ocean.

Bachelor in Paradise

“I’m a pretty cool cat, just David, stop pushing me,” says Kimball. “He’s only here to sabotage what I’ve got going on and Jenna played into it.”

Things only get worse when the other women begin to laugh at Kimball.

“Stop chirping,” he says. “Sit over there, do your gossip. You’re envious, you want to hate. Shut the f— up.”

Everyone agrees that Kimball crossed a line, and the cast encourages him to apologize — which he eventually does.

And while Cooper says his actions concern her, she eventually forgives the outburst.

The Rose Ceremony

After a drama-filled few days, the second rose ceremony commences, with the guys handing out the roses.

Here is where the night leaves off:

  1. Kimball gives his rose to Cooper.
  2. Ravitz gives his rose to Chelsea Roy.
  3. Randone gives his rose to Nielson.
  4. John Graham gives his rose to Jubilee Sharpee.
  5. Joe Amabile gives his rose to Kendall Long.
  6. Kevin Wendt gives his rose to Astrid Loch.
  7. Underwood gives his rose to Booth.
  8. Eric Bigger gives his rose to Angela Amezcua.
  9. Kenny Layne gives his rose to Annaliese Puccini

That leaves Bibiana Julian, Caroline Lunny, Nysha Norris and Trumbull packing their bags.

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays (8 p.m. ET) on ABC.

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