'Bachelor in Paradise' : Hannah G. Finally Decides Between Blake and Dylan

After getting tangled in Blake Horstmann's web of love, Hannah Godwin finally chose between him and Dylan Barbour on Monday's Bachelor in Paradise 

It’s fight night in Mexico.

Monday night’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise picked up with Jordan Kimball ripping down the piñata that Christian Estrada got for Nicole Lopez-Alvar. The action resulted in a physical altercation between the two male models. Jordan slammed Christian on the sand and then production quickly separated the two. Christian fought back against production and cursed Jordan out as he continued to try to come for him.

“Watch your back!” Christian threatened.

“Cheers to you being a bitch,” Jordan responded.

It took four production and crew members to hold back Christian as his rage continued. Nicole felt upset that the two men fought because of her, and the rest of the contestants wondered whether the tussle would end everyone’s time in Mexico.

Craig Sjodin/ABC

Chris Harrison sat down with Jordan and Christian individually to hear their sides of the story and let them know that they’d be leaving Paradise. Then he informed the rest of the castmates of the show’s “zero-tolerance policy.”

“We stand behind that — period,” the host said. “That’s not what Paradise is about. This is about a second chance at love. I really do want that for each and every one of you. That’s what this is for. And so we have sent both Jordan and Christian home. We’re not laying blame at anyone’s feet here. That’s not what this is about.”

Rose Ceremony No. 2

Even with two men out of the dating pool, the women still had to send home another two guys at the evening’s rose ceremony. But then, Onyeka Ehie made an announcement that would change the game again.

“I came here with the highest expectations,” she told the group before the rose ceremony started. “I really wanted to meet someone here and I’ve been pretty unhappy here and it’s been for a while, and I can’t give out a rose to anyone tonight. And I’m really sorry. I’m very sure. I love you all, girls and guys. I’ve made amazing friends, so I am not leaving here with nothing.”

With one less rose available, all of the men immediately tensed up, especially Cam Ayala, who thought Onyeka would give him a friend rose. The biggest toss-up, though, was to whom Hannah Godwin would give her rose. She spent the cocktail party eating gummy worms with Dylan Barbour, but also danced to a mariachi band with Blake Horstmann.

Ultimately, she made the choice that her castmates wanted and picked Dylan. But while everyone then hoped that Blake would go home, his ex Kristina Schulman gave him her rose.

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“I want Blake to stick around and find love,” Kristina told the cameras. “That’s what you’re here for, but then Blake would have to watch Hannah and Dylan together. He accepted my rose. In a way he’s choosing to stay in his personal hell. It’s kind of mean but it’s Blake we’re talking about. The temptation is too good.”

That left Wills Reid, Cam and Kevin Fortenberry packing their bags.

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Hannah Goes “All In”

New arrival Caitlin Clemmens from Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor entered with a date card, and picked Blake to go out with her. Turns out they actually met before the show at — where else? — Stagecoach!

“Nothing happened,” Blake promised.

Blake also shared that he still hadn’t given up on Hannah. “I’m still really, really, really into Hannah,” Blake told the cameras. “She’s somebody who I can see a future with. But Hannah decided she wanted to pursue Dylan and that’s a real bummer.”

Still, Blake went into his tantra yoga date with Caitlin with an open mind.

Dylan, meanwhile, got a date card of his own and took out Hannah. During their dinner, Dylan professed his feelings for the woman he’d been fighting for since the start of Paradise.

“I’m starting to fall in love with you,” he revealed.

While Hannah didn’t reciprocate the sentiment, she did express her commitment to Dylan.

“I am all in,” she said.

Back on the beach, Demi Burnett felt more torn than ever between Derek Peth and Kristian, a woman who she was dating back at home. So her friend and Bachelorette Hannah Brown paid Paradise a visit to help her talk through the situation. After speaking with the former pageant queen, Demi sat down with Derek.

“I’m so confused,” Demi told Derek. “I have this girl that I can’t stop thinking about and then I have you, an amazing guy, in front of me that has blown my mind with how great of a person you are. And I’m trying to figure it out but right now I’m just really torn.”

ABC/John Fleenor
Derek and Demi. John Fleenor/ABC

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Derek expressed to Demi that it was “tough” to hear how she “downplayed” her feelings for Kristian.

“The hardest part about this is knowing that there’s someone else who’s pulling on her emotions,” he added in an on-camera interview. “It doesn’t matter who this other person is, right? It’s just somebody else who Demi has an emotional connection to. I’m super hopeful that it just doesn’t end.”

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays (8 p.m. ET) on ABC.

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