"I just don't think his intentions are good," Raven Gates tells Tia Booth of Colton Underwood on Tuesday's Bachelor in Paradise

Coming off of a heated cocktail party and rose ceremony, the ladies of Paradise are ready to move forward. So on Tuesday night’s episode, Krystal Nielson burns some sage to cleanse everyone’s auras and promote good vibes going into a week when the women will be giving out the roses.

“Feeling saged and saved,” Nielson, 30, declares.

Thanks to Jordan Kimball‘s outburst at some of the women, his love interest Jenna Cooper wants to explore other options. “I am so over Jordan,” the 28-year-old tells the cameras. “I would rather date anybody else on this beach.”

Lucky for her, Benoit Beausejour-Savard — who fans will remember from The Bachelor Winter Games — comes along with a date card. Kevin Wendt, a fellow Winter Games alum, suggests the French-Canadian chats up Nielson. He does, though after also speaking with Cooper, Beausejour-Savard asks her on the date. But not before discussing his recently ended engagement with Clare Crawley.

“I put myself out there doing that on the reunion,” he tells Cooper of proposing. “I don’t have any regret.”

The two enjoy a romantic dinner and exchange passionate kisses, which leave Beausejour-Savard with Cooper’s red lipstick all over his face. Before heading back to the beach, the new couple shares a churro Lady and the Tramp style.

Cooper and Beausejour-Savard.

“It is extra nice to feel these little sparks again,” Beausejour-Savard, 31, says in an on-camera interview. “It was good to feel desired again by someone who really seems to care about me.”

When the magical night ends, Beausejour-Savard and Cooper return to Playa Escondida to find Kimball up waiting for them. The male model, 26, wants to apologize for “being a tool the other night,” and insists that his date with Cooper “changed my life,” so he isn’t ready to lose her just yet.

Kimball pulls Cooper away from Beausejour-Savard to offer her his apology: “I’m Sorry” written largely in the sand. Despite his grand gesture, Cooper admits she has feelings for the French-speaking newcomer — but Kimball is willing to wait.

“I’m attracted to you,” he tells Cooper. “You fascinate me. You’re just wonderful and you should know that. You deserve someone that’s willing to do anything so if it takes losing a battle to win the war, that’s okay.”

Kimball encourages her to sleep on her decision, offering one final plea, “Let me know where you stand because you’re the only one in Paradise keeping me here.”

Bachelor in Hair-idise

Kimball and Cooper aren’t the only couple whose connection gets tested this week. When Leo Dottavio turns up on the sand, he immediately gains a lot of women’s attention.

“Leo is legitimately like a Fabio,” says Chelsea Roy, referring to model Fabio Lanzoni. “Think of every romance novel your mom has ever read.”

Adds Kendall Long, “Bachelor in Paradise has officially become Bachelor in Hair-idise.”

Dottavio uses his date card to take out Long, who had previously been hitting it off with Joe Amabile. “I truly don’t feel threatened by him,” Amabile tells bartender Wells Adams.

Dottavio, 28, and Long, 26, arrive at their date to learn that they’ll be partaking in a photoshoot for a romance novel written by none other than Jorge the (Former) Bartender. Not only has Jorge parlayed his ABC exposure into Jorge’s Tourges excursions business, but he’s also taken up writing. “Because now I’m a love expert, I wrote a romance novel,” he tells the pair.

Jorge explains his story — titled Tears in Paradise — in which the main characters are played by Arie Luyendyk Jr., his fiancée Lauren Burnham, and franchise alums Ben Higgins and Amanda Stanton. Jorge is also a photographer now and takes pictures of Dottavio and Long as they pose lovingly in the pool. They share a long, passionate first kiss, which the stuntman deems “fantastic.”

When Dottavio and Long get back from their date, she fills Amabile in on what happened, kiss and all. “You’re just kissing everybody now,” the grocery store owner says to Long.

Though Amabile, 32, insists, “You’re allowed to do whatever you want,” he’s clearly upset, since he feels Long is the only woman in Paradise for him. But she says in an on-camera interview, “Deep down, I just know Leo is the most right for me. Like, I can like see him as more of along term thing.”

Amabile adopts a “let the best man win” attitude, and Dottavio continues getting to know other potential partners, hitting the hot tub with Roy, 30. “I could make out with every girl I wanted to, but I’m not going there just yet,” says Dottavio, who kisses Roy in the hot tub.

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Making Things Official

The only couple seemingly on the upswing at this point is Tia Booth and Colton Underwood, who go on a proper date now that the dust has somewhat settled from their rocky Paradise start. Booth, 26, hopes the date will serve as a chance for Underwood, also 26, to finally ask her to be his girlfriend.

They’re having the time of their lives dancing and playing musical chairs on the Mexico streets when Raven Gates and Adam Gottschalk come along to impart some advice from a Paradise couple who’s lasted for over a year. But it’s not what Booth wants to hear.

“I just don’t think his intentions are good,” Gates tells Booth of Underwood. “First of all, Colton’s past dating history has been the It Girl. You’re the It Girl from your season, and he reached out to you. And then he went on Becca’s season, and now he’s back with you.”

Though Booth assures her pal that his actions are genuine, Gates, 27, responds, “All of his actions have said something different. I’m really concerned. I do not want to see you in heartbreak. You have to really see the true person that Colton is.”

Gates encourages Booth to “listen to your God-given woman intuition,” and threatens: “If this ends badly, I’mma cut his penis off, and he can’t ever lose that virginity.

Gates on Bachelor in Paradise.
| Credit: ABC

Booth acknowledges the legitimacy of Gates’ argument and decides yet again to talk to Underwood about what he wants with her. She explains to the former NFL player that she doesn’t want to come off as someone who will “let guys off the hook,” and won’t tolerate him not being 100 percent committed.

Underwood says, “I’m not even going to maintain the thought of another girl coming down. I mean, you’re my girlfriend.”

Hearing the “g” word catches Booth off-guard, and she questions, “Are you going to ask me to be your girlfriend?”

“Yes, will you be my girlfriend?” he asks.

Of course Booth says “yes,” and her mind already starts racing.

“I can confidently say that I can see me and Colton getting engaged at the end of this,” she tells the cameras. “There’s nothing holding us back. I’m so hopeful and so excited for our future.”

At least someone had a good week in Paradise!

Bachelor in Paradise airs Monday and Tuesdays on ABC at 8 p.m. ET.