'Bachelor in Paradise' : Mari Feels 'Betrayed' as Demi Pursues Kenny — 'I'm Going for Your Man'

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays (8 p.m. ET) on ABC

This post contains spoilers from Bachelor in Paradise season 7, episode 4.

Mari Pepin and Kenny Braasch's connection has turned into a love triangle.

On Monday's episode of BiP, the arrival of Chasen Nick and Chris Conran from Clare Crawley and Tayshia Adams' Bachelorette season led Mari, 25, to examine her dynamic with Kenny, 40. When Chasen pulled Mari aside for a one-on-one chat before determining who he wanted to bring on his double date, she admitted that she wanted to explore her options.

"I do think we're not necessarily on the same page about whether or not to explore other things," she told Chasen. "Kenny has told me that he's very much, like, not interested in anyone else, but I also don't want to block myself from something else because at the end of this, you know, I'm here to find my person."

Mari later explained her intentions to Kenny, resulting in him saying in a confessional that he was "sensing maybe she's not feeling as strong" about their bond as he was.

"Obviously, now, I'm going to back off," Kenny said. "And why not just completely say it's done at this point."


Chasen, 33, picked Deandra Kanu while Chris, 28, asked Jessenia Cruz on the double date. The group met with an intimacy guru who required them to get up close and personal while on a triple XL bed, including practicing various Kamasutra positions.

After the session concluded, Chris told Jessenia — who previously connected with Ivan Hall — that he needed to "make up ground" for what he missed entering the competition late.

"Obviously, coming here, I made a connection with Ivan," she told Chris. "And it's great, I feel good about him. But there's like, just one thing missing that I'm trying to figure out still, but it's weird because you seem to fill that missing thing."

Jessenia, 28, and Chris later kissed while sharing fruit.

Once the group returned, Jessenia had an honest conversation with Ivan, 29, about where they stood. "There's this spark that I've been looking for and I'm not sure that it's there yet, but with Chris, I feel that spark and now I'm trying to figure out if he fills the boxes," she said.

"So what's more important to you: the spark or the boxes?" Ivan asked, as Jessenia replied, "I think a spark isn't something that can be forced. I just do not want to leave here regretting not making the right choice."

Ivan said in a confessional that his feelings "are definitely hurt," later noting that their relationship was "done."

Deandra, 25, was also pulled aside by Karl Smith — her initial connection in Paradise. Karl surprised Deandra with a special charm bracelet, but Chasen continuously interrupted the pair's conversation.


After Mari's candid conversation with Kenny about exploring her options, she confided in Demi Burnett about her plans. Demi, 26, agreed with her and said that the cast "should be" seeing what's out there in Paradise.

As Demi asked Mari about what she should do regarding her lack of prospects, Mari advised: "Well, you have the power this week [since women have the roses]. So make a move on whoever you're interested in."

With that, Demi told the cameras: "Sorry, I'm going for your man."

Demi pulled Kenny aside for a private chat that quickly turned flirty. The pair eventually shared a passionate kiss, sending Mari into a panic.

"I happen to look over and saw them making out. It just sucks," she said in a confessional through tears. "Like, Demi and I have been cool. She was, like, giving me advice and then she turns around and does this. And I'm right there, like, watching."

As the cast gathered around a fire later in the episode, Demi surprised Kenny with a cake after learning that he celebrated his 40th birthday in quarantine. Mari said in a confessional that it was "comical" that Demi was "trying too hard" to attract Kenny: "Demi is not what Kenny is looking for. Maturity-wise, she's definitely not what he needs."

Demi Burnett/Kenny Braasch/Mari Pepin
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Mari grew further angered as Demi and Kenny left the group.

Consequently, Mari grabbed the cake and tossed it into the fire. She later pulled Demi aside to confront her about the situation, noting how she felt "betrayed" by Demi.

"Earlier today, I confided in you and now you're turning around and doing all this s---. So, I'm confused," Mari said as Demi chimed in, "You told me that you wanted to be open and date other people and you told him that."

As Mari corrected Demi's point and clarified that she was just open to meeting other men while still seeing Kenny, Demi hit back: "Dude, you literally are going to date other people. So why can't I date him?"

The pair continued to go back and forth before storming off in different directions.

Afterward, Mari pulled Kenny aside to discuss how they'd "misunderstood" each other.

"I don't know what else to say. I'm not trying to disrespect you, I still like you but I think at this point it just has to be, go do your thing and just let it be because I can't even believe this is the position we're in right now," Kenny said.

Mari replied, "That's okay. If that's what you want to do, we can do that."


Natasha Parker had been unsure about whether she should continue pursuing Brendan Morais, especially since they still hadn't shared their first kiss. She sought advice from guest host Lance Bass, who said: "I mean look, it's 2021, right? So women, men, they can always make the first move."

To get the ball rolling, Natasha planned an intimate massage for Brendan. Once it was done, he joked about how he could pay her before leaning in for a kiss.

"It was sweet. It was nice," she told the cameras. "It was nice to just, like, cross that threshold."


Ivan brought down the second date card of the week, which happened to be for Joe Amabile. The 34-year-old picked Serena Pitt for the special occasion.

During the pair's intimate dinner inside of a wrestling ring, they talked about their past relationships and their intentions going forward. Joe even discussed his ex Kendall Long, whom he met on the show in season 5.

"Her family's in California, and she just never wanted to live anywhere besides L.A.," he said. "And my family and friends were in Chicago, and I wanted to move back. So then we had to make that decision."

Joe Amabile, Kendall Long
Joe Amabile, Kendall Long. Robin L Marshall/Getty; Presley Ann/Getty

Asked by Serena whether they would have settled down if Kendall agreed to move, Joe said: "Probably not."

Joe said he wanted to get to a place where he could be "more exclusive" with Serena. From there, the pair got dressed up in wrestling gear and pretended to fight each other in the ring. After Serena came out on top in the match, they shared a kiss.

"I am 100 percent all-in on Serena. I think we both want to be in a relationship, we both want to fall in love and I think we're both ready," Joe said in a confessional. "So I'm going to keep fighting for her. I'm ending the day knowing that I could potentially fall in love with her."


Aaron Clancy had been building a connection with Tammy Ly, but she had developed an interest in his "mortal enemy" Thomas Jacobs. As Aaron was gushing about his bond with Tammy to his pals, Tammy walked past him with Thomas. Aaron, 26, then caught the pair making out on a day bed.

"I gave her a rose so she could spend time with the person I dislike the most," Aaron said, noting that what Tammy, 26, did was "insulting."

Before the rose ceremony, Aaron asked Thomas, 29, if they could talk away from the group. The pair ended up going back and forth as they argued.

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"When I see you guys walk to that day bed right in front of me and get physical, it's extremely disrespectful," Aaron said. "In front of everyone, it's humiliating. I spent a week building this and now everyone's pitying me. And it puts me right back into the mindset of [being] on The Bachelorette [with you]."

"You're acting like it's an intentional vendetta against you," Thomas said.

Aaron responded, "I mean, bro, I deserve some respect and communication."

Tammy walked down to interject, but the episode cut off with a "To be continued ..."

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays (8 p.m. ET) on ABC.

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