A new report by Reality Steve suggests the social media manager wasn't fully committed to the male model

By People Staff
September 13, 2018 02:49 PM
Credit: Paul Hebert via Getty

They overcame trouble in Paradise, but behind the scenes, Jenna Cooper and Jordan Kimball‘s relationship was allegedly far from perfect.

Cooper, 29, and Kimball, 26, got engaged this season on Bachelor in Paradise. But a report by Reality Steve suggests the social media manager wasn’t fully committed to the male model.

The blogger wrote that he was contacted by someone who claimed to be dating Cooper during and after her time on BiP and called her a “manipulator” who “uses men for money and business help and loves the attention along the way.”

Reality Steve also posted screenshots, allegedly of conversations between Cooper and this man, in which she purportedly told him, “Me and Jordan aren’t together for real. I don’t even like him let alone love him. I’m better than him and once I’m able to I’ll break it off for good and make up some story to make him look bad if it’ll make you feel better. He means nothing to me and never has.”

“You’re the only one I need in my life,” she allegedly added. “The only guy who interests me. I need you to love me and always be there for me.”

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Cooper denied the affair and maintains that the texts are fake. “I am aware of the allegations being made against me and they are simply untrue,” she told PEOPLE in an exclusive statement. “I am choosing to focus on my relationship right now. Thank you for respecting my privacy at this time.”

But Kimball made the difficult decision to end their engagement.

“It felt like a body drop,” Kimball told PEOPLE exclusively of learning about the allegations. “I got taken down. I’m weak in the knees and I feel like I have rocks in my stomach.”