'Bachelor in Paradise' 's Leo Dottavio Throws Drink on Joe Amabile, Calls Him 'Grocery Store Bitch'

"You can't come to Paradise and expect the men to be any better," Bachelor in Paradise season 5 star Jenna Cooper says on Tuesday's episode

We’ve officially hit peak Paradise, when most of the singles have coupled off and any newcomers are sure to cause some drama with the existing pairs.

On Tuesday night’s Bachelor in Paradise, the women start off with the roses, but with Jubilee Sharpe bowing out after Venmo John Graham decided they’re better off as friends, that leaves a surplus of four guys going into the cocktail party.

But there’s one man everyone wants to leave: Leo Dottavio, who went on a date with Kendall Long, then kissed Chelsea Roy and got mad when Long learned about the smooch.

“Leo’s a piece of s—,” says Joe Amabile, who’s been dating Long since the start.

Amabile, 32, breaks up a conversation between Long, 26, and Dottavio, in which the stuntman is telling the taxidermy enthusiast that he doesn’t understand how she’s still single, but also feels like she lied to him somehow.

“Thanks for saving me,” Long says to Amabile.

Testing the Waters

After a romantic evening with Benoit Beausejour-Savard, Jenna Cooper ultimately decides to continue her relationship with her first Paradise flame, Jordan Kimball. Beausejour-Savard feels reasonably upset, and wants Cooper to own up to her choice rather than calling it “the right decision for both of us.”

“How can you know what’s best for me?” he asks. “That doesn’t make sense at all right now. I don’t get this. And you make it like really complicated right now.”

Cooper leaves the conversation crying and Kimball, 26, comforts her. The 29-year-old claims the French Canadian, 31, yelled at her, so Kimball storms back on the beach, confronting Beausejour-Savard over the alleged raising of his voice. Luckily, bartender Wells Adams is there to serve as an objective third party.

“I didn’t’ hear any yelling,” Adams, 34, tells Kimball. “He didn’t yell at her.”

With Kimball and Cooper’s relationship solidified, Beausejour-Savard becomes one of the men vying for Roy’s heart, as she’s the only woman left without a suitor. Joining him are Connor Obrochta, David Ravitz, and Graham. But first, Graham tries his chances with Long and the two kiss during a conversation on a daybed.

Immediately, Long tells Amabile about the smooch.

“The real reason I try to distract myself with curiosity is because I’m falling for you,” she says to justify her actions.

They decide to officially be in a relationship, and the grocery store owner tells the cameras, “Hopefully guys stop kissing my girlfriend. That would be nice.”

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An Explosive Cocktail Party

When the participants gather around, awaiting Chris Harrison ahead of the cocktail party, Dottavio — whose employer Universal Studios was investigating sexual harassment allegations made against him earlier this month — decides to make a toast to the group.

“Instead of doing something cliché, I want to get a little real,” he says before addressing Long. “It was a shame to find out you were kind of full of s—.”

“Good luck with Grocery Store bitch over there,” Dottavio, 28, declares before walking out.

Amabile urges Dottavio to “say it to my face,” and then the two do exactly that and get in each other’s faces. Dottavio throws his drink at the Chicagoan, and crew and castmates alike quickly jump in to break up the fight.

Bachelor in ParadiseCredit: ABC

“Go on back to the jungle, Leo,” Astrid Loch states. “Nobody wants you here.”

Dottavio is gone before the roses start getting handed out, and then everyone’s attention turns to who will receive one from Roy, 29. “I’ve kissed everyone here,” she jokes.

Roy ultimately picks Graham, sending home Beausejour-Savard, Obrochta and Ravitz. Beausejour-Savard takes the cut particularly hard.

“Being rejected twice in four f—— days … there’s probably something wrong about me,” he cries to the cameras.

Moving with the Cheese

The tears, of course, don’t end there. Following an opulent date night in a suite that features a bathtub full of champagne bottles, a golden toilet and a giant ice cream sundae arriving via room service, Eric Bigger and Angela Amezcua decide they’re “all in” on each other.

“In life you have to move with the cheese,” Bigger, 30, declares. “If you don’t move with the cheese, then you’ll never have no cheese.”

Bachelor in ParadiseCredit: ABC

The couple reiterates their commitment to each other at the rose ceremony, and Bigger goes as far as confirming that he doesn’t want to go on dates with anyone else who might arrive at Playa Escondida.

But that all changes the next day when Cassandra Ferguson from Juan Pablo Galavis‘ season of The Bachelor walks onto the sand with a date card. She chats with Kamil Nicalek and Bigger, who tells Ferguson, “I’m open” for dating around.

So of course, she asks him out, and Bigger has to explain to Amezcua that his decision changed overnight. “Today when I woke up, I felt different about a lot of things,” he explains to the model. “I’m coming to you to let you know that I did tell her I was going to go on this date.”

When Amezcua gets understandably upset, Bigger then goes on to offer a misguided sentiment that probably explains why he’s still single. “This is what relationships is about,” Bigger insists. “To have a challenge, to have adversity.”

“You do what you want to do,” Amezcua, 28, responds. “That’s fine.”

As anyone who’s ever talked to a girl knows, “that’s fine” never means “that’s fine,” and Amezcua runs off crying “pissed off tears,” while the other women question their relationships.

“Everyone here feels shook,” Krystal Nielson says. “No one is on stable ground. Strong connections apparently are falling apart around here.”

Cooper puts it more bluntly: “You can’t come to Paradise and expect the men to be any better. They’re men.”

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays (8 p.m. ET) on ABC.

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