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August 30, 2018 02:36 PM

After starting a physical fight on Tuesday’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise, Leo Dottavio appears to be turning to attacking Bachelor and Bachelorette alums online.

The 28-year-old stuntman called out Amanda Stanton, who vied for Ben Higgins’ heart, on Twitter and threatened Tanner Tolbert, of The Bachelorette season 11, after he questioned Dottavio’s behavior during Monday’s episode of the show.

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In a since-deleted tweet, Stanton, 28, alleged on Monday that Dottavio was fired from his job at a water park when he was younger. In response, Dottavio allegedly messaged her on Twitter “calling her a piece of s—.” Stanton tweeted about the exchange and also took a jab at Dottavio’s character, saying that he can “never blame ‘editing'” for how his actions on the show come across.

In addition to allegedly sending a message, Dottavio wrote about Stanton in a since-deleted tweet: “Going after my livelihood cause of unsubstantiated claims from my college days isn’t too classy miss. I don’t even know who you are but it’s pathetic. Faux ass celeb. Find some other way to stay relevant.”

Also on Monday, Tolbert implied Dottavio is “a snake” — “I like rats more than I like snakes…” he tweeted — and the current Bachelor in Paradise star suggested they sort out their issues with a fight in another since-deleted Tweet.

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“Hey buddy why don’t we settle this old school?” he wrote. “Put some gloves on step in the ring? Next time you’re in LA maybe we can do that. Whoever loses donates 5k to charity. Heck I’ll let you wear head gear. When I knock you out can I stand over you and call you a beta?”

Tolbert responded, “Can we just skip it and I’ll donate the $5k towards getting you some therapy???”

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Earlier this month, Bachelor alum Bekah Martinez (from Arie Luyendyk’s season) alleged that Dottavio had been accused of sexual harassment. She posted screenshots on her Instagram Story of messages she said were sent to her by women accusing Dottavio of making unwanted sexual advances and sending unwanted photos of his genitalia in the past. These messages are currently saved in the “Highlights” folder of her Instagram Memories.

Martinez claimed she was sent those messages after sharing an image of a comment Dottavio made on an old Instagram photo, writing to a woman: “You need my big d—.”

But Dottavio denied any wrongdoing.

“There have been some recent stories about me that have garnered attention and I want to address them,” Dottavio wrote in a lengthy note shared on his Instagram Story earlier this month.

“I want to start by saying no one has ever accused me of sexual harassment. No one has ever come to me in any way and told me I made them feel uncomfortable,” he said. “However, I am not a perfect person nor have I ever claimed to be.”

He added: “Did I do things in college that I would be embarrassed about now? Absolutely. Was I a part of my culture, the times, movies? Yes.”

Dottavio said he has “grown as a person since college” and is “not the man I was 2 years ago let alone 14 years ago.”

“It’s important for women to speak out if they felt uncomfortable or harassed. I support that,” he continued. “If there was anyone I made feel uncomfortable why not come to me? I would love an opportunity to right my wrongs and speak to any woman that wants to tell me how and when I made them feel uncomfortable.”

“I want to take this an an opportunity to better myself and the treatment of women in my life,” he concluded.

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Bachelor in Paradise

On Tuesday’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise, Dottavio called his former flame, Kendall Long, “full of s—” during a toast. “Good luck with Grocery Store bitch over there,” he declared, a reference to Joe Amabile who Long opted to date instead, before walking out.

Amabile then urged Dottavio to “say it to my face,” prompting Dottavio to throw his drink and crew and castmates alike quickly jump in to break up the fight.

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