Three relationships are put to the test on Monday's episode of Bachelor in Paradise

By Jodi Guglielmi
August 27, 2018 10:00 PM
Bachelor in ParadiseCredit: ABC

There’s trouble in Paradise.

After making a grand gesture of an apology to Jenna Cooper for his behavior last week, Jordan Kimball starts off Monday’s episode feeling confident in his relationship.

“We are in a good spot,” he says. “We are on our way to like really, really something special.”

The only problem? Cooper is busy making out with Benoit Beausejour-Savard, whom she went on a date with last week.

Naturally, Kimball’s confidence is immediately shaken.

“What the f— is going on?” he says. “This is getting ridiculous. I’m falling for her and I knew as soon as she walked down the steps. I am not a toss-up.”

But he isn’t ready to give up just yet. Kimball does his best to make sure he’s at least 10 feet from Cooper at all times. Eventually, they hit the beach for a much-needed chat.

The male model does his best to tell Cooper exactly how he’s feeling about her. “I like you a lot, okay? And it’s leading into other feelings. I think I could fall for you within days.”

Cooper, however, isn’t as convinced.

“I could see a future with both,” she says. “Benoit seems like a logical decision, but Jordan looks at me a certain way. He looks into me.”

After doing some real soul-searching and realizing that her feelings for Kimball are stronger, she goes to break things off with Beausejour-Savard.

“I want you to be happy and I don’t think that’s me that’s going to make you happy,” she tells Beausejour-Savard. “You deserve somebody who is just 100 percent.”

Bachelor in ParadiseCredit: ABC
Jenna Cooper and Jordan Kimball
| Credit: ABC

Beausejour-Savard is so upset by the breakup that he throws a football straight into the ocean — and doesn’t go to get it.

“I just think it’s not fair because I know I could treat her better than that guy,” he says. “I feel like I’m never enough.”

The Goose is Loose

But Cooper and Kimball aren’t the only couple going through some ups and downs.

While everything seem to be going swimmingly with new couple Krystal Nielson and Chris Randone after a dramatic week — remember when Randone kissed Nielson after professing his love for Tia Booth? — things quickly change when Connor Obrochta makes his Paradise entrance.

Nielson is immediately intrigued, admitting that she was most interested in Obrochta before coming on the show. But being the loyal person that she is, she tells him she can’t go on a date because of her relationship with Randone.

“Chris really stepped it up and I’m a little smitten with him,” she tells Obrochta. “I want to make sure that you have a real chance to find someone because I feel like I would be thinking of him a lot.”

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And when Randone catches wind of this, he’s on cloud nine. The “Goose” goes around bragging about what Nielson said to everyone.

But just when Randone is feeling super secure, Nielson pulls the old switcheroo and accepts a date card from Obrochta.

“I really like this girl and now you have the fear in the back of your mind wondering why, why go on this date?” says Randone. “That’s the biggest thing that’s going through my mind right now. It’s not a good feeling.”

Bachelor in ParadiseCredit: ABC
Credit: ABC

Obrochta and Nielson enjoy a romantic date filled with passionate kissing, fire-side chants and yes, howling.

When they return from their date, Randone is ready to grill Nielson on her night — but she’s ready to go to sleep.

“Krystal is like reserved and acting differently, it sucks,” he says before saying goodnight.

Snitches Get Stitches

And just when you might think things couldn’t get anymore dramatic, enter Leo.

Kevin Wendt accidentally lets it slip to Kendall Long that Leo Dottavio kissed Chelsea Roy after their date.

And when Long confronts Dottavio about the kiss, Dottavio goes on the war path to try and figure out who ratted on him.

“Kendall and I, we had a phenomenal connection,” he says. “But instead now it’s nothing because someone decided to tell her that I kissed Chelsea. Kissing is a handshake in Paradise.”

Dottavio saunters off to ponder who could have told on him. And the more he thinks about it, the angrier he gets.

“I want to let this go, but I feel really upset about someone snitching on me,” he says. “It’s bad to snitch. I’ve never talked about another girl to a guy ever. You know why? Because I don’t do that. I think it’s time for me to go find this rat.”

Dottavio begins taunting everyone in the pool to make it known that he’s upset.

Wendt, who legitimately thought Long knew about the kiss before talking to her, has no problem admitting his mistake.

“When I said you kissed Chelsea I thought she did know and her face kind of told me she didn’t,” Wendt explains. “I heard it from four people and just kind of assumed everyone on the beach knew everything. Kendall is just my friend.”

But Dottavio isn’t letting it go. He stands by his opinion that Long never needed to know about the kiss, accident or not.

Bachelor in ParadiseCredit: ABC

Dottavio and Wendt get into a screaming match over whether Long deserved to know about the kiss or not.

“Tell the girl you’re hanging out with that you kissed someone else! That’s the normal thing to do!” says Wendt. “She’s pacing about two guys.”

“I don’t have to tell her when you think I should tell her,” Dottavio shoots back.

Though the two end the conversation with a fist bump, Dottavio clearly isn’t over it. And things only get worse with Long officially ends things with him. He accuses Long of “faking” her feelings toward him.

“You’re a phenomenal actress,” he says.

Bachelor in ParadiseCredit: ABC

“I think you’re trying to make excuses for how you feel right now and I think you’re trying to hate me,” she responds. “You’re making me very upset. Stop messing with my head.”

After seeing Dottavio and Long argue, Joe Amabile eventually steps in.

“Are you guys done?” he asks.

And who would have thought that Booth and Colton Underwood would be the stable ones.

Bachelor in Paradise airs Monday and Tuesdays on ABC at 8 p.m. ET.